Cute Animals Decorative Magnets for Whiteboards (Pack of 30)

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  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS - There are all kinds of cute little animals here. Animal lovers and kids will love it! There are cats, pandas, dogs, birds, alpacas, sloths, rabbits, unicorns, koalas, owls, elephants, squirrels, and more. They are so cute!

  • CUTE GIFTS - Animal lovers and kids will definitely love this gift! You can use your fridge magnets as a gift for everyday parties, housewarming banquets, birthday parties, and weddings.

  • RESIN MATERIAL - The cute fridge magnet is made of safe and non-toxic resin. Its effect is as bright and smooth as glass. But it is not as fragile as glass. The magnet is intact even if dropped from a high place!

  • VERSATILE - You can use the fridge magnets on any Iron and magnetic surface, such as bulletin boards, dormitory, maps, air conditioners, lockers, washing machines, calendars, magnetic dry-erase boards, iron office files, etc. Display memos, photos, shopping lists & recipes.

  • POWERFUL MAGNETISM - The refrigerator magnet is not very big but its magnetism can't be underestimated. If you are using iron and magnetic surfaces, a single magnet can hold at least 5 sheets of A4 paper!

It took me almost 8 Years to Understand the Importance & Power of Self-Discipline & Consistent Actions. I have always been trapped in Perfection, not understanding that Progress is what really matters no matter how small. is a Result of 8 Years of Back to Back Failures, Mistakes & Learnings, To Make Sure that no one else make these same mistakes & save their time. It's always better to learn from others mistakes.

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  7. Prioritise Your Tasks
  8. Stop Procrastination
  9. Multiple Your Time
  10. Take Consistent Action
  11. Work-Life Balance
  12. Self-Discipline

All the Writing & Display Boards like Whiteboards, Chalkboards or Even Notice Boards are very underrated tools in India & we don't have yet experienced their Real Power to use them effectively & Make Our Lives Better.

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