Butterfly Shaped Decorative Push Pins/ Thumb Tacks (Pack of 30)

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  • Vivid Butterfly Designs: these butterfly thumbtacks have a colorful appearance, with bright color and vivid appearance, which can be applied to decorate your office, classroom, and home; Realistic plastic butterfly can be folded up slightly to add a 3D effect to the butterfly, bringing you a lot of fun when using.

  • Quality Materials and Sizes: the butterfly push pins are made of PVC butterfly and metal push pins, each thumbtack measure about 1.57 inches long, and the metal pins are about 0.37 inches long, weigh about 0.05 oz, proper size and lightweight will not add burden when you use them.

  • Sufficient Quantity: you will get 30 packs of butterfly tacks with random colors, ample quantity, and brilliant colors that can meet your different office needs and replacements.

  • A Range of Applications: the butterfly pins have pointed tips, which are not only suitable for bulletin boards, maps, cork boards, and photo walls but also can be widely applied to pin photos, schedules, messages notes, marks, easy to use and remove; Please pay attention to not pin them on hard surfaces, such as cement walls, hard brick walls, stone walls and more to avoid breaking.

  • Serve As a Reminder: the butterfly decorative thumb tacks with cute and adorable butterfly patterns, which can be applied as decorative ornaments to adorn your dull office, classroom, or home, can also be applied to pin on a calendar as a reminder, bright colors can easily draw attention to important anniversaries, avoid forgetting them, and strengthen relationships with family, friends or partners, practical and decorative tools for you to use.

I launched in January 2021 after shifting to Pune as my previous business suffered through heavy losses & debts because of my mistakes. But I never loose hope & started this with a Vision to Help People Take Consistent Actions on their goals so that they can help others in need.

I Believe that if We Empower Ourselves, then we get the power to Empower Others to help them achieve their dreams. I came into business after reading the Poem "The Elementary School" in my school which inspired me & gave a purpose to help kids & others in need by becoming the hope which can take them out of their slums.

But I never wanted to do that with the help of Charity or Donations by working as an NGO, I wanted to solve problems that we face & earn money + experience myself to use that instead of asking others to donate.

It took me 8 years to get this level of clarity on what my purpose or cause is after learning it's importance from Simon Sinek Sir. It was not easy to come this far, but I never gave up. Made plenty of mistakes & suffered a lot throughout the course of these 8+ years.

But that suffering & pain is the only reason which gave me the opportunity to create this "STEPLO" Group & Community. As if I would have got the right guidance & personalised support to correct my mistakes & learn the importance of Taking Consistent Actions or Self-Discipline or Focusing on Progress rather than Perfection, it would have been a lot happy for me & my loved ones.

But as It's Never too late to start, so here we are helping others never repeat the biggest mistake of "INACTION" as its a very costly mistake & the price of that is also too high. So this is all about TheBoardsBazaar & I will make sure to improve the experience for you & help you achieve all your dreams.

So, Let's Start & Take Consistent Actions on Your Dreams to Inspire & Help Others in need to Accomplish theirs be it through education, food, shelter, love or anything else ... :)

- Rishabh Jain (Founder & CEO) !!

We Believe that True Happiness & Fulfilment can only be achieved by 1st Taking Consistent Action on Your Dreams so that you can Inspire & Help the ones in need to accomplish theirs & change their world !!

Be it by serving the Products or services, or helping you take the best out of them. Help you understand the Power of Small Steps, Self-Discipline, Taking Consistent Actions, Believing in Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, Prioritizing Your Work, and Finding Your Balance, Help You with Self-Reflection & Evaluating the Mistakes so that you don't repeat them the next time.

And anything & everything else that can help Make Your Life Better Along with the Ones You Love because there's nothing better than making those people proud who were always there for us in our hard times & believed in us when no one did !!

- Rishabh Jain (Founder & CEO) !!


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