Earn Coins to Perform Good Habits, Seriously ?

With "My Habit Buddy", you get Premium Subscription of "STEPLO APP" in which you have option to earn "STEPLO Coins" by performing & updating the same on the app.
Later, you can redeem the coins for other helpful Products, Services & Memberships that will help you even more to build effective habits & enjoy the accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

What Products are there ??

Kindle Reader, Products that improve the quality of your sleep, electric diffusers. Better Quality Shoes to avoid back pain. Supportive chair or standing desk. Good Mattress, blackout curtains. MMT (Vacation Vouchers) & More ...

Categories of Products ??

audio accessories, beverages, clothing & footwear, electronics, health & wellness, healthy foods, home decor, personal care, sleep solutions, work from home & more ...

How do I earn Steplo Coins ??

Your Habit Buddy will help you setup the "STEPLO APP" and there are certain ways that help you measure & update the habits that you performed. It varies as per the habits, you will get the best idea after logging in.

Is there any limit to redeem Coins ??

No, there is no limit to redeem the coins and the best part is you can get the product, service or membership just using the coins, no need to pay any extra amount.

Can I redeem coins outside the app ??

"STEPLO Coins" can only be redeemed at your "STEPLO APP", which includes more than 10000+ Products, 750+ Services & 250+ Memberships (Useful Ones).

Is there any expiry of "STEPLO Coins" ??

No, there is no expiry of the coins, you can use whenever you wish, no other terms or conditions.