Some of the Amazing & Helpful Features !!

Push Notifications

You will receive random encouraging & helpful notifications to keep you inspired at all times, because we believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to & take actions no matter how small everyday.

What is APP Launch Date ?

The App will be live on 18th June 2022 for all our Customers. It will be available for both Android & Iphone Users along with a Laptop/ Desktop Edition.

What are features of the APP ?

It's a very powerful app that we are building for our STEPLO Community, It includes Habit Tracking, Reminders, Notes, Online Shop, Live Chat, Video Call & Much More so that there is no need for any other self-improvement app, its all-in-one.

To-Do List Feature !!

Your "STEPLO APP" has the feature to make To-Do Lists so that you don't have to remember everything as it reduces the productivity, the brain consumes the energy to remember things which is not at all necessary. 

Hide the Features You Dont Use

This is amongst the top feature of this APP. We understand that everyone has their own way of working, so we don't want to confuse our users with showing all the features. You get the freedom to customize the app & Disable the features that you dont use, so that you can take the most out of the features that are important to you !!

Calendar & Reminder Feature !!

You get option to sync calendar with your team or family person where they can enter new updates, schedules & tasks that everyone can see.

Doing this avoids conflicting schedules & keeps everyone informed of each other activities & whereabouts (the place where someone or something is).

Get Amazing Rewards !!

Yes, you read that right. We will love to reward you on completing your habits consistently, the rewards includes great coupons, vacations, helpful products & much more to keep you motivated.

Share your ideas on what else we can add in this app to make it more powerful !!