Our Story

I was always a shy & inferior kid until I went to Manukau Institute of Technology (New Zealand) in 2014 for my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I actually always wanted to do business but as I took Science in 11th & 12th, so without consulting or discussing with anyone, took engineering not knowing that I had the option to go for a Business Course after I completed my 12th from The Jain International School.

I even took a year off after 12th preparing for IELTS & applying for the universities. It was just one semester when I realized, this is not what I can do or love doing, so shifted to Diploma in Business Administration the next semester & then later dropped out that also in the middle to go back to India because of Financial Problems at home in just 9 Months.

I started helping out my father in business, didn't had much knowledge but learnt myself & gave my everything. I experienced failures after failures, inspite of working almost 16 hours a day. After some time even my Parents thought that I am not capable of achieving anything, I remember the day I came back from New Zealand, I was always in Debt & Pressure of making big in business to clear off the debts.

This Pressure of clearing debts everyday made me took bad decisions for almost 4 Years, & I was always in a Hurry, but I Never Gave Up. Finally in 2017 December, I started receiving good orders. Thought that finally I made it, but as I didn't had the proper knowledge, I didn't knew that I was making poor management decisions & then in 2019 September everything fall apart, I was again in a big debt & self doubts.

Then came Covid, which gave me time to figure out the way to get out of this rut, to accept & learn from my mistakes but I went through severe Stress, Anxiety & Depression all the way, but Still Never Gave Up. 

I always thought in my journey that all of this is because I am not worthy, or my parents are right that I cannot do anything, I blamed everything but myself. Never realizing that "I" am the Biggest Problem & also the Solution to everything that's been happening.
It took me 8 Years to understand that I was not consistent, I was not honest, I was not disciplined & I never had any good habits that would have made me successful, never did anything real for a sustainable life. Always have fallen in the trap of Perfection & never really focused on Making Progress.

But my Intentions in Business & Life have always been pure, I have always been a giver & I think Karma helped me to find out my Purpose in Life after so many down falls & it was in "HABITS."

The Problem & Answer to every solution is in Your Habits, those little actions that you take everyday no matter what happens in your life, be it bad or good. I started working on Habits in August 2021 & it took me a hard road of 9 Months (which I can never explain, but will never forget) to help me launch "My Habit Buddy" that will help you Build Top 12 Habits, Top 12 Learnings with help of 12 Products & Personal Habit Buddy, which I learnt in a very hard way & in 8 Years.

I was never able to afford a coach or mentor who could have helped me personally in the right way/ direction or let me know the importance of habits & taking small steps consistently. But, I won't let that happen with any one else. This is the only way I feel proud of myself & all my time that took me reach here.

I also got the opportunity to launch a brand "STEPLO" whose Mission & Vision is to help you Live an Intentional Life of Purpose, Happiness, Fulfilment & Balance with the help of "Powerful & Sustainable Habits" & Inspire Your Loved Ones & Others to do the same !!