Our Story

After Dropping out of my college - Manakau Institute of Technology in November 2014 to help my father as he was going through many Financial Problems because of my studies & loan.

I started helping my father with his Construction Chemicals business & my mother with her handmade notice boards that she used to paint to earn the living for our family.

We all have been through similar situations in life when we want to help our loved ones or make them feel proud, achieve our most ambitious goals, change our lifestyle, build good habits or Create the Life of Our Dreams.

Everyone has their own journey of struggle, pain, happiness, sadness, fear & a lot more. But I learned a bit late that the most important part of life are the "DECISIONS" that we take in our lives that truly shape everything.

    Take Control of Your Habits

    We all make mistakes but often miss to accept and learn from them which is the only difference between an average & extraordinary person. Because no one made it big without suffering or fear or mistakes or failures. The only difference is that they decide that no matter what I will bounce back, accept my mistakes & keep moving forward every day by improving myself daily.

    After making an indefinite amount of mistakes & failures. We launched TheBoardsBazaar.com in April 2021 to share our values, beliefs, and life experience with everyone who wants to achieve big in life.

    Because We truly "BELIEVE" that Every one of us is capable to bring "CHANGE" at any stage or situation of our lives for the "BETTER" !! That if we decide that no matter what happens, we will keep moving forward by learning & accepting our mistakes.

    - Rishabh Jain & Bhavna Patel (Founders : @rj_rightbelief & @powerofvegans) !!

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