My Habit Buddy !!

World's 1st Habit Builder Set that will help you in Building Top 12 Common & Powerful Habits that every successful person in the world has with the help of 3 Boards, 2 Books, Powerful "STEPLO" App, Your Personal Habit Buddy & More. (It's a One Year Plan & We will make sure that we accomplish this together) !!

Frequently Asked Questions !!

What Methods & Strategies Are Used  ??
Our methods ensure you are focused on your habits on a consistent daily basis. 
The methods are customized, simple solutions that will become sustainable habits in your lifestyle. 
By committing to STEPLO, you are committing to a lifestyle of balanced health and happiness that will progressively improve year after year.
Do I need to pay any extra amount after this ??
No, we have recently launched the product so the rates are reduced to spread awareness & improve the product. There are no charges mandatory for one full year.
Is this is a Course or something ??
It's not a course, its a combination of multiple products & services to make sure that you are able to practically build & sustain the habits. Everything is science & evidence based.
What is 'STEPLO" App ??
"STEPLO" App launches 26th May for all our customers, its all in one app for Habit Tracking, Reward Program, To-Do List, Shopping & More. You Can Visit the Page to know more.
There are many products, are all useful ??
Yes, the list of products has been decided with the help of multiple researches & effort of more than 2 years to make sure that nothing can stop you build the habits.
I have more questions, where to connect ??
You can Live Chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner, also can reach us on Whatsapp for any further questions : +91-9022150500 !!

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