STEPLO Magnetic White Board & (Dark Green) Pin Board

Rs. 4,650.00

Best Selling Whiteboard & Pin Board Combo in India
Product Description:
  • MADE IN INDIA: All the Products in our Store are 100% Made in India with Proper Quality Checks to ensure that you are Completely Delighted with the purchase of your New Half Pinboard & Half Whiteboard.

  • EASY TO USE: We Make these Boards with Soft Boards of 12 mm to make sure that it is always easy for you to Insert & Eject the Push Pins without hurting your fingers.

  • SMOOTH & MAGNETIC WRITING SURFACE: The surface is smooth & durable for writing, easy to write & wiped clean without stain (Accepts Magnets) which duals this board as a bulletin board too. 

  • PREMIUM SET: Contains 1 Combination Board + 2 to 4 Whiteboard Markers + 1 to 2 Dusters + 4 to 8 Magnets + 20 to 50 Push Pins + Hanging Hardware. These Combination Boards are Wall-Mounted.

Whiteboard, White Marker Boards, Pin Boards, Bulletin Boards

  • PORTABLE DESIGN & SIZE: The boards are available in 6 Different Sizes & can be customized for any other size between 1.5 to 6 feet (Hangable in Landscape/ Horizontal orientation) with the help of 4 hooks present at the back on every corner of the board.

  • COLORFUL FRAME COLOR LOOKS GREAT IN ANY ROOM: You’ll find this the best pinboard/ whiteboard for displaying your family schedule, weekly plans, children’s drawings, and anything your imagination can come up with.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: Perfect for to-do lists, photos, memories & messages. Suitable for home, office, desk, school, college, kitchen, child room, or any other place. Great help for managers, teachers, students, kids & everyone else who wants to Be Organized & Focused. - Frequently Asked Questions by CustomersTo View Return, Shipping, or Other FAQs, visit our Help-Center: Click Here !!

I was always a shy & inferior kid until I went to Manukau Institute of Technology (New Zealand) in 2014 for my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I actually always wanted to do business but as I took Science in 11th & 12th, so without consulting or discussing with anyone, took engineering not knowing that I had the option to go for a Business Course after I completed my 12th from The Jain International School.

I even took a year off after 12th preparing for IELTS & applying for the universities. It was just one semester when I realized, this is not what I can do or love doing, so shifted to Diploma in Business Administration the next semester & then later dropped out that also in the middle to go back to India because of Financial Problems at home in just 9 Months.

I started helping out my father in business, didn't had much knowledge but learnt myself & gave my everything. I experienced failures after failures, inspite of working almost 16 hours a day. After some time even my Parents thought that I am not capable of achieving anything, I remember the day I came back from New Zealand, I was always in Debt & Pressure of making big in business to clear off the debts.

This Pressure of clearing debts everyday made me took bad decisions for almost 4 Years, & I was always in a Hurry, but I Never Gave Up. Finally in 2017 December, I started receiving good orders. Thought that finally I made it, but as I didn't had the proper knowledge, I didn't knew that I was making poor management decisions & then in 2019 September everything fall apart, I was again in a big debt & self doubts.

Then came Covid, which gave me time to figure out the way to get out of this rut, to accept & learn from my mistakes but I went through severe Stress, Anxiety & Depression all the way, but Still Never Gave Up. 

I always thought in my journey that all of this is because I am not worthy, or my parents are right that I cannot do anything, I blamed everything but myself. Never realizing that "I" am the Biggest Problem & also the Solution to everything that's been happening.
It took me 8 Years to understand that I was not consistent, I was not honest, I was not disciplined & I never had any good habits that would have made me successful, never did anything real for a sustainable life. Always have fallen in the trap of Perfection & never really focused on Making Progress.

But my Intentions in Business & Life have always been pure, I have always been a giver & I think Karma helped me to find out my Purpose in Life after so many down falls & it was in "HABITS."

The Problem & Answer to every solution is in Your Habits, those little actions that you take everyday no matter what happens in your life, be it bad or good. I started working on Habits in August 2021 & it took me a hard road of 9 Months (which I can never explain, but will never forget) to help me launch "My Habit Buddy" that will help you Build Top 12 Habits, Top 12 Learnings with help of 12 Products & Personal Habit Buddy, which I learnt in a very hard way & in 8 Years.

I was never able to afford a coach or mentor who could have helped me personally in the right way/ direction or let me know the importance of habits & taking small steps consistently. But, I won't let that happen with any one else. This is the only way I feel proud of myself & all my time that took me reach here.

I also got the opportunity to launch a brand "STEPLO" whose Mission & Vision is to help you Live an Intentional Life of Purpose, Happiness, Fulfilment & Balance with the help of "Powerful & Sustainable Habits" & Inspire Your Loved Ones & Others to do the same !!

Choose us if you also Believe that You Can Change Your Life at any Age or Stage for the Better by Believing in Yourself, Building Good Habits & Taking Action Every Day !! is founded by "Rishabh Jain" with a Vision & Mission to Help You Build Effective Habits to Make Progress Every Day in Life & to Improve your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health (the core of every problem & the answer to every solution).

Which Results in :

  • Improving Quality of Your Life & Loved Ones.
  • Helps You Find & Achieve Your True Potential.
  • Builds Focus, Resilience, Productivity & Discipline.

and endless happiness with fulfillments which are somewhere vanished from everyone's life because of distractions & no purpose in life ... :)

To Know More About the Mission "Stray Free India" - Visit Here !!


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