Why Do You Must Have a Vision Board to Achieve Your 2023 Goals ?? -

Why Do You Must Have a Vision Board to Achieve Your 2023 Goals ??

Why Do You Must Have a Vision Board to Achieve Your 2023 Goals ??

Vision Board (also called as Action Boards & Dream Boards) are a Visual Representation of Your Meaningful Goals, that you really want in your life, not what others expect of you.

Vision Boards have been more popular as the years go on. Do you know why? Well, because they work & are scientifically proven. Seeing all of your goals and plans in front of you makes it more meaningful and pushes you to work harder towards achieving all your dreams.

If you already have Your Vision Board, then use this article to make yours more effective & if not then start the process of Creating Your 2023 Vision Board right now as it will change your life, if you commit 10-20 minutes of your day to your Vision Board, without any doubt !!

These are the Top 6 Reasons :

  1. Right Mindset :

    You can feel motivated & work for a couple of hours and then stop but to really achieve your goals, you first need to have that mindset, to believe that you can, to set big goals, to go through hard times & bounce back when obstacles or unexpected situations arrive.

    If you Treat your Vision Board as sacred & visualize it 3 times (After you wake up, in the middle of the day to re-focus & before going to sleep), it will help you create a strong mindset to Take Consistent Actions.

  2. Clarity & Meaning :

    How do you expect to achieve your big goals without thinking & deciding of what you actually want. Your Vision Board will help you Understand what you really want, what inspires you - Your Meaningful Goals that will make you feel fulfilled everyday when you work towards achieving them.

    Because in order to achieve anything great in life, you first need to DECIDE, then PLAN, then START, then STICK TO IT & then finally you ACHIEVE. It all starts with taking small steps every day in the direction of your meaningful goals.

  3. Focus/ Deep Work :

    This is the Key difference & the bridge between where you are & where you want to be as not able to focus is the biggest problem we are facing because of so much irrelevant information being consumed everyday from social media & other resources.

    After you decide & place the images of your goals on your Vision Board, every time you visualize them, your subconscious mind filters out the information & prioritize your thoughts to give the resources that are required to achieve your goals. Resulting in you actually giving best each time you work (Try this White Noise while Studying or Working).

  4. Drive You to Take Consistent Actions :

    We all have ideas & plans to achieve our goals, but we don't take consistent action, I too have felt so much frustrated & guilty after not working and giving my best. This is a very BAD HABIT, that get's automatically build because of overthinking & procrastination and takes a lot of courage and effort to break.

    Vision Boards can definitely help you, it will take time but after you have reached at this stage after building the Mindset, Clarity & Focus. It will be easy for you to embrace the change. Start with small steps & gradually move out of your comfort zone to build a sustainable habit of taking action.

  5. Build Strong Habits :

    You should definitely place 3 images on your vision board for your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health + Energy, as without them it's really hard to bring out your best & Vision Board will keep you reminding of what you want to do everyday to improve your overall health to give you more energy to work towards living the life you want.

    We all know the benefits of Exercise, Meditation, Reading, Staying Hydrated & Healthy Food. So create your Vision Board to bring out your real potential + inspire your family/ friends to do the same.

  6. Achieve Your Meaningful Goals :

    The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them on top of the mind so that you're always looking for ways to move closer to them & a Vision Board is a perfect tool to help you do that.

    Every time you look at your vision board, it's programming your subconscious mind to come up with solutions to open up the doors of perception to see resources & opportunities that are out there.

Why You Must-Have a Vision Board :

  • Vision Board Gives You Clarity : Having an all-or-nothing mentality leaves you with nothing sometimes. Have a clear vision for what you’d like to accomplish in 2023 to get a direction & meaning.

  • Vision Board Creates a Positive Approach : It’s up to you to notice your negative self-talk and identify triggers. The voice inside your head has a great effect on what you do. Replace negative thoughts with positive facts about yourself and the situation. You’ll be able to create a new mental script that you can reach for when you feel negativity creeping in.

  • Vision Board Helps You Visualize Success : Paint a mental picture of overcoming obstacles and achieving your objectives. Gather information to reduce the fear of the unknown. Fear often shrinks or disappears in the face of facts and analysis.

  • Vision Board Guides You With a deeper why : A Purpose worth wrestling your fear for. (For example, you may face a great challenge at work with a project or initiative that will test your self-worth and resilience but you wisely attach it to your role as a provider in your family and how you can be a role model for your children).

Power of Visualization :

  • Visualization helps you make better decisions, gives you clarity of your goals & gets what you want out of life. It's hard to make progress toward your goals if you don't take some time to think about them.

  • Visualization can be used to motivate you to focus on, and work toward, your future ideal state & build your self-confidence.

  • Visualization gives a person the power and courage to tackle daunting tasks as it triggers the hormones that make the process of attaining goals easier. Successful people visualize success long before getting it. It increases positive thoughts in them and helps them optimize their performance to the top.

  • Visualization techniques can also reduce stress & anxiety. They direct your attention back to the details of your desired outcome. In the process, minimizing the noise of other (less relevant) distractions. 

Key Points to Remember :

  • When your goals are not clear or definite, you’ll have a difficult time making them happen. Getting a clear picture of your goals will light up the path forward.

  • Research shows that imagining goals in detail enhance motivation, which leads to taking action. When you visualize your dreams, they feel more attainable. This increases your likelihood to work toward your dreams.

  • During visualization, you activate the same area of the brain as performing the task. So when you set out to do something, like a job interview or crossing the finish line, you perform better as though you had already accomplished it.

  • Close your eyes and imagine exactly what the life you want looks like. Get specific. Take a piece of paper and write down the details of your dreams. This will give you a better idea of what you want to work towards. Create a vision board to remind you daily of your big goals.

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