How Does a Whiteboard Helps You in Building Powerful Habits ??

How Does a Whiteboard Helps You in Building Powerful Habits ??

How Does a Whiteboard Helps You in Building Powerful Habits ??

You get a "Magnetic Whiteboard" (1.5 x 2 feet) with "My Habit Buddy" along with the other products & Personal "Habit Buddy" to help you build "Top 12 Powerful Habits" that help you "Make 1% Progress Every Day" & Live a Life of Purpose & Intention.

You must have a Whiteboard to help you with multiple tasks such as problem-solving, brainstorming, To-Do Lists & more which makes you more productive & efficient. But here we list more effective uses of White Boards that help you build & sustain Powerful Habits in Life.

Why Everyone Must-Have a White Board :

  • Helps to Make Measurable Goals :
    After you’ve decided what success means to you, you’ll need to create some reachable, measurable goals. It’s not enough to say: ‘I want to be in X job by next year.’

    The universe won’t pave the road for you, you have to decide what journey will take you to your destination, and that will be marked out in measurable goals that you can achieve and keep track of.

    Write down these goals, give yourself realistic achievements, keep yourself accountable for those goals and decide how you’re going to get there.

    Aside from committing your goals to paper to solidify them, telling yourself that you will achieve those goals and believing in your abilities will get you closer to them.

  • Setting the direction, planning tasks, and realizing your vision is a nice habit as it increases your dedication at work. Almost every successful person likes to set short-term goals because they know that creating short-term goals and achieving them with success will help them come closer to the bigger, long-term goal.

  • Most self-made millionaires plan to get rich and then make it happen, Corley’s research finds.

    Eighty percent of the wealthy are “obsessed with pursuing goals,” he writes. They refer to both daily and long-term goals regularly.

    “I’m here to tell you to avoid putting your ladder on someone else’s wall and then spending the best years of your life climbing it,” Corley says. “Find your own wall, your own dreams, and your own goals, and pursue them.” 

  • What is the Eisenhower Matrix?
    The Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as Urgent-Important Matrix, helps you decide on and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance, sorting out less urgent and important tasks which you should either delegate or not do at all. 

  • Seeing your goals written will drive you to want to complete them. It’s something about being able to check off something on your list that pushes you to work hard and keep going!  

  • Break Your Long-Term Goals :
    Most people have goals. Whether it's something to achieve in business or in life, we're all moving in one intended direction or another. However, while long-term goals do give us direction, it's the daily goals that we set that allow us to create short-term milestones that are integral to our success.

    Long-term goals can seem overwhelming even in the best of times. But by implementing a daily goal-setting strategy, you can overcome some of the enormity associated with achieving big things in life by focusing on the one-day-at-time, short-term scenarios.

  • Compare the Pros & Cons of a Problem :
    You can use your whiteboard to take better decisions & solve your problems in a better way after analysing them in a very effective way to save your valuable time or even 10x your productivity.

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