Difference Between Non-Magnetic & Magnetic Whiteboards

What is the difference between Non-Magnetic & Magnetic Whiteboards ??

What is the difference between Non-Magnetic & Magnetic Whiteboards ??

Whiteboards are simple tools that make Learning or office work very easy & effective. You get the power to write anything and then wipe it off easily with a duster or a cloth.

In India, there are 3 types of Whiteboards - Non-Magnetic, Magnetic & Ceramic.

In this article, we will know the difference between Non-Magnetic Whiteboards & Magnetic Whiteboards. It's easy for you to decide which one will be best for you.


Non-Magnetic Whiteboards:

  • These are the most basic ones & also the traditional ones. It's a sandwich of 3 layers, the Melamine White Writing Sheet, the board & the MDF or laminate sheet at the back.
  • Suppose you don't want to use accessories like magnets, clips, magnetic dusters. In that case, you can choose these boards as the Magnetic Whiteboards are the ones that accept magnets & other accessories.
  • In terms of cost, these are cheaper, but there is no significant difference in the quality.


Magnetic Whiteboards:

  • If you want the best quality & want to use Magnetic Accessories, these boards are for you.
  • Very high in quality, they are sandwich of Resin Coated Steel Sheets, board & galvanised sheet at the back to help support its magnetic effect.
  • If you want your board to last more, these boards are a good investment & tools for you.


Now, Which one should you buy?

It totally depends upon your use & especially budget. Magnetic Whiteboards are more preferred ones as they can be used for multiple purpose.

If you want an economic board, you can go for Non-Magnetic Whiteboards & to view our boards' range - Click Here.

If you want to use Magnetic Accessories and want a long term and more good quality board, then go for Magnetic Whiteboards & to view our range - Click Here.


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