Brain has the Power to Turn Worst Times into Start of Best Times !! -

Brain has the Power to Turn Worst Times into Start of Best Times !!

Brain has the Power to Turn Worst Times into Start of Best Times !!

You have the power at any age, at any stage with any mindset to change to train your brain & become everything that you want to be, that's greatness & it's in everyone. But how to start & what exactly to be done ??

First is to Believe that yes it's possible & you can do it, that you deserve the success and life you want, you are just limiting yourself & feeling stuck because of the past experiences. Let me break it down for you so that you can Take Action !!

Do you know that your Life is the same as earlier because you have no Vision for the future which leads to thinking the same thoughts, which lead to taking the same actions, hence producing the same results, are you able to see what can change this cycle?? Only Your thoughts have this incredible power.

Every thought You Create, it creates a feeling. All your feelings put together create your attitude, Your attitude used a number of times becomes your Habit. All your Habits put together create your personality & your personality coming into action throughout the day, WRITES YOUR DESTINY !! It all starts from your THOUGHTS. - B.K. Shivani Ma'am !! 

How Can a Vision Board Help You :

  • Now the reason you want to create & use a vision board is that the subconscious mind is more powerful, than the conscious mind and you can program the subconscious mind by putting in images, words & affirmations related to your goals on your vision board to activate the Power of Visualisation & Attraction in 2023.

  • You just need to Create a Vision Board, Create the Affirmations & paste them below every image. Read & Visualize each of that 3 Times a day. First in the morning after you wake up, Second in the middle of the day to re-focus & Third at night before you go to sleep. It's Literally that simple.

  • To Understand More, Read this Article - Why Do You Must Have a Vision Board to Achieve Your 2023 Goals ??

Why Do You Need a Whiteboard :

  • Because just Visualizing won't complete the process. You will need to Take Consistent Action on your Dreams & the life that you want & there's no better tool than a Whiteboard to help you Break Your Goals into Actionable Steps, Prioritize Your Day with Top 3 - 4 Tasks & Much More.

  • You can choose your whiteboard based on your profession, convenience, type and space. Read this Article to Understand the Options & Uses of White Boards.

Key Points to Remember :

  • You can learn & change in a state of pain and suffering or you can learn & change in a state of joy & inspiration.

  • Most people spend 70% of their life living in survival & living in stress. So they're always anticipating the worst-case scenario on a past experience & they're literally out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field they're selecting the worst possible outcome & they're beginning to emotionally embrace it with fear & their conditioning the body into the state of fear.

  • It Filters Out/ Prioritize the Information - 

    So if you repeatedly expose your brain to the images of the things that you want, you are more likely to notice things that are related to that in your day to day life.

    But because they're more likely to be things that will make you thrive, you might not have noticed them if you weren't intentionally, repeatedly exposing yourself to that visual imagery.

  • So if you channel it proactively for the things that you want, then you're more likely to both notice & grasp the opportunities that come up in your life.

  • I think it's hard to attract & manifest what you want if you are not already grateful for where you're at, with what you have currently, you may not be satisfied with your life but you got to find the people & things you are grateful for. Why would life bring more goodness into your life if you're not grateful for what you currently have ??

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