How to Create Your Vision Board to Take Consistent Actions Daily

#1 Guide on How to Create Your Vision Board in 2023 for Results !!

#1 Guide on How to Create Your Vision Board in 2023 for Results !!

Everyone should have their Personal Vision Board, no matter what age or stage you are in life. If you already have one, do read it to make your vision board more effective to get results & Activate the Power of Visualization + Attraction in Your Life !!

If not, then it's time to create one for yourself, so that you are able to achieve all that you deserve & desire by Visualizing & then Taking Massive Action daily towards making them a Reality !!

It really works & has been practiced from many years by every high achiever as all of them first win in their mind & then take consistent action to make it a reality, it's a scientifically proven law. All you need is to do it properly & consistently to gain its benefits & inspire others to do the same.

Let's Break It Into 8 Steps :

  • The Right Mindset :
    It's very important to start creating your vision board in a positive state, when you are inspired to change your life & believe in yourself that you deserve all the happiness and success no matter how many mistakes or failures you have experienced in the past.

    It all starts with the Mindset, you need to create one when you are motivated & at your best mood, not in a state when you are stressed or under self-doubts, so that you don't limit yourself while deciding your goals in life.
  • Meaningful Goals (Specific) :
    Make a list of your meaningful goals, not just start taking out pictures of whatever comes to your mind, we need to add meaningful goals on your Vision Board.

    Be as specific as you can with the images, not just a millionaire, be specific on the exact amount you want to earn in 2023. Travel is not a good goal, but mentioning & posting pictures of exact location where you want to go is what will help you achieve them.

    Only put the pictures that inspire you, not what the society or relatives think is good for you, no one, just you, the unique you has to set goals for yourself that you actually want to live a happy & fulfilled life.

  • Organize & Get it Ready :

    Find pictures that represent the experiences, the feelings, and the assets you want to attract in your life. Don't forget to include a happy picture of yourself & loved ones.

    Don't compromise on the quality of your print, get it on 100 GSM glossy paper or photo paper, go to any nearby printing shop. You need to invest in your vision & then cut the photos and start organizing them on vision board before you actually pin them down.

    Put the most relevant one in the center like Self-Love is your greatest power, because what's the point of doing all this without loving yourself first, right?

  • Create Affirmations & Paste :

    This is a very important & mandatory part for your Vision Board to add affirmations below every image you post on your Vision Board & read each of them every day after you wake up & before you go to sleep.

    You must-read this article to understand the importance of affirmations & how to properly make them effective & get results : What are Affirmations & How to Create Effective Affirmations for Results !!

  • Positioning of the Board :

    Place it in your bedroom where you can see it after you wake up & before you go to sleep. It has to be placed properly so give your time in deciding the area that is highly visible to you, it's your Vision we are talking about.

    Keep Your Vision Board neat & organised with most important images as there's beauty & power in Simplicity & Clarity. Too many images & information will be distracting & hard for your subconscious mind to focus on. Keep it between 10 - 15 for best results.

    Also take a photo of your Vision Board & make it wallpaper of your Laptop, Mobile or Tablet so that you can have a look throughout the day to re-focus while working on your goals & taking action.

  • Commit to 3 Times a Day :

    Give yourself specific time daily to focus on your Vision Board, don't just leave it hanging in there. Treat your Vision Board as Sacred.

    Make it a Habit to Visualise Your Vision Board after you wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day to re-focus & before you go to sleep every single day.

    Visualize & Read your affirmations to experience the feeling as you have already achieved the goals. It will hardly take 5 - 10 minutes, but this is the most essential step to Create the Life of Your Dreams into Reality.

  • You Got Direction & Guide :

    The great thing about your Vision Board is now you have a template, you have a Guide, you know the direction you are going. You are working with intention, not just shooting in the dark.

    This level of Clarity & Direction will help you Decide & Prioritize Actions that you need to take to achieve your goals. You have the biggest opportunity, so don't think of the time gone, you can change your life from this point forward !!

  • Time to Start Taking Action :
    Vision Boards are great to remind, give clarity, direction & meaning but to turn them into a reality you need to ACT everyday. You must Take Consistent Actions to create the life you want to live.

    Your Subconscious Mind will give you Resources, Plans & Ideas based on your goals. So it's time to turn these ideas and plans into small steps of action & do them everyday. It's time to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION !!

Some Important Things to Remember :

  • You don't need 2 Vision Boards, one for your professional life & other for your personal, you just need one. It's better to make sections on your vision board.

  • This will not be your last vision board, you're gonna make plenty of them, let's just focus on one year, but do have few references of your long vision so that it keeps you going.

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