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Build Top 12 Powerful & Sustainable Habits with "My Habit Buddy" !!

Build Top 12 Powerful & Sustainable Habits with "My Habit Buddy" !!

Here's the List of Top 12 Effective Habits that are common in all the successful people in the world along with the benefits each of them has.

Successful People Focus on Building Systems/ Habits instead of Goals so that they can give their best each day without procrastinating or making excuses.

Their Habits help them grow 1% Every Day because they understand the importance of small steps and actions that lead to massive transformations.

Remember : Slowly is the fastest way to reach where you want to be !!

You too can gain the level of success, happiness & freedom by building these habits. You are blessed that you got this life, take the most out of it ... :)

All of these Habits Support Each Other & Make the others simple & easy to perform.

Habit No. 1 - Activate Power of Visualization With Your Vision Board !!

Build the Habit of Activating Power of Visualization Every Day

  • Visualization Process (Creating a Vision Board) helps you get clarity of your real goals, the one that you really want, that are meaningful to you.
  • Give Intentions to your Visions & turn them into reality with this habit.
  • You are able to take actions in the right direction after getting clarity of your purpose in life.
  • Be Inspired & Motivated every day by intentionally looking at your vision board, the reality you want for yourself & make it true.
  • Remember, it is important to visualize but more important to take action on your visions, You can't change anything by doing nothing.

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    Habit No. 2 - Take Action Every Day Even Before You Feel Ready !!
    Build the Habit of Taking Action Every Day

    • Take Action even if you not feel ready, start small & build momentum because if you wait for the right time to act, you will wait forever.
    • Taking Consistent Action is a choice between "REGRETS" or "RESULTS" so decide wisely, its your one precious life we are talking about.
    • Don't think that you can change your life or habits in one day, but you can definitely start today and focus on progress.
    • Complexity is the enemy of taking action, so take small & simple steps as all together they do make a big difference.
    • Forgive Yourself - You won't be able to take action if you are blaming yourself or feeling guilty, focus on improving every day.

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        Habit No. 3 - Keep Yourself Organized & Become a Minimalist !!
        Build the Habit of Organizing Yourself Every Day

        • We all got 24 hours, then how some of us are able to achieve more in the same given time?? The answer is organization, be it your home, office or work.
        • You say you don't have time to clean your room or your work area, you might save 10 - 20 minutes by not being organized but you can get tremendous time & results if you are organized.
        • Things don't make you productive, your focus & concentration makes you productive, you can improve that by organizing your environment.
        • You must have heard of Minimalism, to get more from less, why not try it.
        • It might seem strange but you can literally reduce your stress & anxiety to an enormous level by being organized.

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          Habit No. 4 - Prioritize Your Work to Focus on Important Tasks !!
          Build the Habit of Prioritizing Your Important Tasks Every Day

          • You worked all day & were very busy but at night you are thinking what actually I did that was productive, ever experienced this ?? This is where this habit plays the biggest role in your life.
          • Never Mistake Movement for Achievement, give time on prioritizing your tasks, max of 3 or 4 per day & give your best to accomplish them.
          • You can literally save your 50% or even more time & energy if you prioritize your work effectively every single day.
          • Want to feel less stressed & more happy and fulfilling, start prioritizing.
          • Focus on the most important things in your life and see yourself making progress faster than ever before.

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            Habit No. 5 - Drink Water Daily in the Morning & Stay Hydrated !!

            Build the Habit of Drinking Sufficient Water Every Day

            • A refreshing glass of water revitalize you and help you feel more positive about and prepared for the day ahead.
            • Your brain is strongly influenced by your hydration status & water enhances cognitive performance/ abilities.
            • The water is an important way to flush any toxins from your system early on in the morning when you first arise.
            • For the brain & body to perform at a high function, optimal hydration is the key.
            • The standard consumption of water for Men is 3 Litres & for Women its 2-2.5 Litres based on the physical activity.

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              Habit No. 6 - Exercise Every Single Day for Your Body & Mind !!

              Build the Habit of Doing Exercise Every Day

              • You have to be physically healthy & strong in order to be mentally healthy & strong, it's all connected.
              • Exercising daily reduce your stress levels, improves mental health and you are able to give your best every day to achieve the goals.
              • Having an unhealthy body reduce your confidence, why not live our one life with our potential of what we are truly capable of.
              • Improve your mood, be more happy & Inspire your loved ones & others to practice healthy habits like exercising.
              • Start with 2 minutes a day for a month & then go to 5 minutes, don't try to go from zero to hero overnight, this is the biggest lesson.

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                Habit No. 7 - Read Everyday to Keep Your Mind Healthy & Powerful !!

                Build the Habit of Reading Every Night

                • Reading is the workout for your mental health and, the same way you take care of your body, it's important to take care of your brain.
                • Whatever problem you have in life or you want to accomplish, it's already written out somewhere, why not save time & learn from their experience to avoid mistakes and make progress quickly.
                • Reading at night, improves the quality of your sleep. Try it out yourself & feel the change of being more productive & efficient.
                • You get 2 Books to start with "My Habit Buddy" - IKIGAI & Atomic Habits.
                • It might appear boring unless you start, but once you get a grip of reading, you will be thanking yourself every day for this wonderful habit.

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                  Habit No. 8 - Go for a Walk Daily to Improve Your Overall Health !!

                  Build the Habit of Walking Outside Every Day

                  • Seems very simple but science shows that putting one foot in front of the other leads to impressive mental & physical health benefits.
                  • Walking allow to quiet your mind, organize thoughts & find solutions to approach different situations more objectively.
                  • Do read or search about the benefits of walking 10,000 steps every day & start today with 1,000 and gradually build every week or month for your overall health & toughness.
                  • Give your mind a healthy break from everything that is going in your life by walking without any distractions & experience something like never before.
                  • Improve the quality & even quantity of your life, boost your immune system, have more energy by taking a simple way every day.

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                    Habit No. 9 - Have Vegan Breakfast for Physical & Mental Health !!

                    Build the Habit of Having Vegan Breakfast Every Morning

                    • Nutrition plays a critical role in ensuring that your brain & body function at their best, "YOU LITERALLY ARE WHAT YOU EAT."
                    • This is certainly not the first time you've been told to eat vegetables, slo consider it a simple reminder.
                    • You might have heard "VEGAN" for the first time, so do read more about it as it's something that can change your life, animals life & in fact earth's life.
                    • Never skip your breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day for your body.
                    • There are uncountable benefits of having a vegan diet, start with breakfast and gradually introduce more in your diet after seeing the results.

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                      Habit No. 10 - Enjoy Uncountable Benefits of Meditation in Life !!

                      Build the Habit of Doing Meditation Every Day

                      • Many people, who achieve success in life, have discovered uncountable benefits of meditation & if you are also serious about success, start today.
                      • Meditation has both physical & mental health benefits like reducing stress, controlling anxiety & more.
                      • It is considered the Most Effective Relaxation Habit.
                      • Improves Your Focus & Concentration levels that results in great success & happiness in life.
                      • Brings you in present, in "NOW."

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                        Habit No. 11 - Wake Up Early to Start Your Day with Peace & Love !!

                        Build the Habit of Waking Up Early Every Morning

                        • Maximize Your Energy Levels by first being consistent at the time you wake up & then gradually try to wake up earlier for making it permanent.
                        • Some things can only be felt when you experience it yourself & it's the same with the power of waking up early.
                        • You get more productive time by waking up early & the more time you have, the more you can give to become successful, as simple as that.
                        • Don't get too much motivated & set your alarm for 5 AM tomorrow, you will fail. Instead reduce it by 5 minutes for this week, then 5 more minutes the next week. Start & Stay Small - Focus on Progress.
                        • By waking up early, you will not only make your parents surprised but even inspire others with your achievements.

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                        Habit No. 12 - Improve Your Sleep Quality & Take Sufficient Sleep !!

                        Build the Habit of Taking Quality & Sufficient Sleep Every Night

                        • This is one of the biggest reasons of most of our problems in life - Not getting enough + quality sleep. Right ?
                        • Sleep is the only time during the day where our body & mind are able to relax, unwind & recover.
                        • Quality sleep has the power to reduce stress, help you wake up early, improve your mood, your memory, focus & much more.
                        • One small change that can help you improve the quality of your sleep quickly is being consistent with the time you sleep & wake up every day.
                        • If you have read all the benefits of habits mentioned above, then let me tell you that all of them make this habit very very easy, try out yourself.

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                          Some Helpful Tips to Keep Yourself Fit & Healthy :

                          • Similar to your morning routine, you don’t have to take up marathons to be successful. When building good habits, the key to making yours work is sustainability. You’re not trying to do something big once, you’re trying to form habits that you can introduce into your life permanently.

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