Knowing is not enough, you must take action

Stop Making the Biggest Mistake of Not Taking Consistent Actions !!

Stop Making the Biggest Mistake of Not Taking Consistent Actions !!

This is the Biggest Mistake that I made for most of my life, which not only lead me & my loved ones to years of suffering but crushed my integrity, filled my brain with negative self-talk, made me a liar because of anxiety & fear. And the saddest part is that it was in my control, but I was not aware of the mistake that I was doing of not taking consistent actions.

That's the reason I decided to understand & help people about this and it came out that more than 80% of people actually don't take consistent actions on what they really want in life, which is the biggest cause of frustration, unhappiness, stress, demotivation & much more.

You must have heard the importance of Consistency & the best part is that Action is the foundation where consistency is built. If you take action, you automatically will want to take more & more. But how to start and understand what actually the root cause is ??

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone :

If you are following all of the goal-setting tips and still aren’t making the progress you would like to be making, here’s a question to consider: 

Have you taken any BIG ACTION to launch yourself out of your current situation and closer to the life of your dreams?

You may be taking action, but it might be the same type of action you’ve always taken. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the same results.

If you want to create a new life for yourself, you have to practice new behaviours. Shake things up a bit and see if you can take new actions or modify existing ones. Don’t be afraid to embrace change and challenge yourself by doing something BIG.

Why Do You Need a Vision Board :

  • One of the reason why people are unable to take action is not being clear of what they want, they don't have a vision of themselves or have set specific goals with time, a Vision Board is the #1 tool to give you clarity of what you want in 2023, it's a board where you paste all the goals you want to achieve.

  • Your Vision Board will give you a direction & meaning so that you can focus on Taking Action, which is the second reason people are unable to act as they don't have a path and are unable to focus on taking action.

  • By pasting Affirmations on every image you paste on your vision board & committing yourself to Read & Visualize 2 - 3 times a day, your mind bring out the resources to achieve those goals, all you need to do is break those goals into small chunks of tasks to Take Action.

  • You can read more about WHY You must-have a Vision Board & how it helps to Take Consistent Actions for your goals.

Why You Must-Have a Whiteboard :

  • Getting Clarity, Setting Goals & Visualization is great, but nothing will be achieved if you don't ACT, so here is where the Whiteboards come into action. You can read this article to understand the types of whiteboard & which one will be the best for you.

  • We recommend Whiteboards because they are #1 tools for Reminding, Problem-Solving, Prioritizing Tasks using Eisenhower Matrix, Brainstorming & Much More.

Key Points to Remember :

  • Remember: Self-guilt can send you to overthinking & inaction. The quicker you forgive yourself, the quicker you push yourself to Take Action.

  • It will take time & lot of discipline + determination to build this habit of taking action, no matter how bad you feel, give time to your vision board, bring back your focus & just focus on the next step you need to take & then take it.

  • It's hard & overwhelming to know how to accomplish your big goals, you might not know all the steps you need to take in the start, but you do know the next step, so just focus on that and slowly you will know the next & the next.

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