Stop Procrastination & Take that first step

Never put off doing things that are Important to Achieve Your Goals !!

Never put off doing things that are Important to Achieve Your Goals !!

It's time to knock on all the opportunities that you left behind because you thought you were not capable enough, or you were not clear on how to do it, or you resisted challenges by delaying it for the next day. Please Note that there is no tomorrow !!

This one habit of procrastination is the biggest reason why you are unable to take consistent actions on your goals, well there are many reasons but some of the most common ones that leads to procrastination are:

Perfectionism, Fear of failure, Fear of criticism, Avoidance, Low self-esteem, A tendency to self-defeat, Depression, Trouble focusing, ADHD, Waiting until the last minute, Task aversion, Resisting challenges, Decision fatigue, Difficulty defining goals, A disconnect with the future self, or Lack of energy.

Let's understand how can you take help of Visual tools to get things done.

Why You Need a Vision Board :

  • You are unable to take consistent action as you don't have clarity on what you actually want or any strong reason of why you want that, here is when a Vision Board comes into action, it will take some time to create an effective one but after you are done, it will give you a meaning & direction to take further steps.

  • You need daily inspiration as you won't be able to break the habit of procrastination in one day, here is when your vision board & the affirmations will give you instant boost and bring back your focus on your goals. It hardly takes 10-15 mins a day, but its worth it.

  • Another reason why you need a vision board is to attract resources, people & ideas to achieve your goals so that you have absolute faith in yourself by taking action on those ideas & achieving your goals.

    How Will a White Board Help You :

    Key Points to Remember :

    • Procrastination prevents you from reaching your full potential—in your relationships, career, and beyond. It hinders teamwork, decreases self-esteem, and even leads to depression and job loss.

    • Non-procrastinators tend to have a strong sense of personal identity and higher levels of self-esteem. That means they are less concerned with what other people think of them.

      Procrastinators, on the other hand, put a strong emphasis on external validation. In other words, they worry a lot about what other people will say. They find value in themselves from the approval of other people, and avoid doing something out of fear of criticism. 

    • Your subconscious mind has established an underlying notion regarding something and the circumstances under which it is “safe” or not to act. There is always some kind of explanation for why you can’t. Whether it makes sense or not doesn’t matter; your mind accepts it. You never even consider challenging this conviction.

      Some examples are “I need to organize my office in a completely silent setting first,” or “I need to have the proper gym equipment before I can properly begin my exercise program.”

    • Make a habit of daily planning, focusing on tasks one-by-one, by level of importance, so you don’t have to constantly think about what to do next.

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