Build Self-Discipline in 2023 to Take Consistent Action on your Goals

Self-Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals Defined & Accomplished !!

Self-Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals Defined & Accomplished !!

Self-discipline is the only bridge between goals defined and goals accomplished because it helps to build consistency in your life, as if success could always be achieved by doing something just once then everyone would be successful. However, the truth is anything worth striving for takes time, effort, and a lot of self-discipline in between.

So we are here to help you build self-discipline & self-control in 2023 so that you can achieve all the the unfinished goals & feel proud of yourself. It might seem over exaggerated from our part, but we believe it's possible if you commit yourself to Take Consistent Actions.

The first step you need to understand is what you really want & why. Trust me all you need is one serious goal to start & with time you can use the discipline to all the other areas & goals in your life.

Start With Your 2023 Vision Board :

  • A Vision Board is a collage of all the goals that mean something to you & you want to achieve them in 2023, it needs to be placed where you can see it 2-3 times everyday to keep your goals in top of your mind every day so that you can focus on making them a reality.

  • As mentioned, it will take time so don't expect the process to be quick, but yes you will be able to improve your discipline every day. All you need to do is intentionally focus on your vision board, read all the affirmations pasted below the goals & visualize + feel them happening in real.

  • It's scientifically proven technique used by top performers & successful people to activate the Power of Visualization, Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Affirmations.

  • Take Help of following articles to understand in depth - (Power of Mind & Visualization, Why You Must-Have a Vision Board & How to Create Your Vision Board in 2023).

Take Help of a White Board :

    Key Points to Remember :

    • Research has also shown that measuring a person's level of self-discipline is a more accurate predictor of success than measuring their IQ.

    • It's just as important not to start out with goals that are too ambitious. Instead, set small goals, and increase the level of challenge slowly over time. The more you practice, the better you'll become. Remember, starting small is the best way to start developing your self-discipline. As your discipline gets stronger, you can spread the focus to more areas of your life.

    • When you list the reasons why you want to achieve something, you'll find it much easier to get the job done.

    • Often our self-discipline crumbles because we haven't identified the obstacles that we'll face, and we haven't developed strategies to overcome them. When these obstacles show up, we're unprepared to deal with them, and this shakes our resolve. Don't skip this step!

    • “Motivation” comes from the root word “motive.” It’s why you are doing something. Leadership expert Simon Sinek talks about the power of why. Knowing your “why” provides a compelling intrinsic motivation. It fuels the fire and you’re much more likely to stay focused.

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