Why Do You Get One Year Wall Calendar with "My Habit Buddy" ??

Why Do You Get One Year Wall Calendar with "My Habit Buddy" ??

Why Do You Get One Year Wall Calendar with "My Habit Buddy" ??

With Every "My Habit Buddy" Plan, you get a Wall Calendar which is of One Complete Year & it plays an Important Role to Keep Track of Your Progress, Motivate Yourself, Be Inspired & Much More.

All You Need to do is mark an "X" every night on the date, after you perform the habits & take the desired actions that you decided for that day.

Importance of 1 Year Wall Calendar :

    • Never Miss Twice :
      Every time you Mark an "X" it brings a sense of accomplishment & reward in the present moment. It's a way to celebrate all the hard work you performed for the day that keeps you motivated & keep going.

      There comes the days when we are down because of some situations that we are unable to be on track or productive, but its not about missing, its about missing but bouncing back & remembering to "NEVER MISS TWICE."
      So even if you miss every other day, still you will have made 50% Progress.

    • Build Consistency :
      Consistency or Repetitions are the only factor to experience compounding effects of any action or result that you want. Marking on calendar keeps you accountable & honest about taking action every day.

    • Measure Your Progress :
      Sometimes we are only busy & we confuse motion with action. This is where Measuring comes into action. You won't be able to cheat yourself & focus more on progress rather than perfection or procrastination.

    • Keep Track of Your Growth :
    • Keeping Daily Track of Your Work not only helps you Measure Your Progress, Build Consistency or Self Confidence. But it also helps you in days when you don't feel like working, it helps you see what you have done till date & inspires you to push yourself as it's very important to even just show up on the days when you don't feel like doing.

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