How Can Your Family & Friends Become Your Habit Partners ??

How Can Your Family & Friends Become Your Habit Partners ??

How Can Your Family & Friends Become Your Habit Partners ??

A Habit Partner is anyone who wants to build the same habits as you do & you both help each other to stay accountable, motivate each other, guide each other, & together achieve the goal to build habits.

The 1st Habit Partner you already have with "My Habit Buddy" is Your "Personal Habit Buddy". You can add as many habit partners as you want with help of your "STEPLO APP".

Habit Partners can be anyone, your family member, friend or else who also has taken the subscription with us. But what are the benefits of that ??

Why You Must-Have Habit Partners :

  • Accountability partnership provides you with an opportunity to mentor someone on habit formation while you also obtain value in exchange.
  • It allows you to bond with someone who shares your struggles, hopes, dreams, and goals.
  • The partnership keeps you committed.
  • You Get Honest Feedback :
    Honest feedback is something that is difficult to get. Usually, people surround themselves with their friends and relatives during the course of a project or program. Many times, these your friends and relatives don’t want to hurt your feelings or see you sad, so they withhold the whole truth of the matter.

    Let me be real with you – those people won’t help you unlock your potentials or get to the next level. They will keep you mediocre if you let them “protect” you. Accountability or Habit Partners, on the other hand, are concerned about your true growth. These partners will give honest feedback on your work, irrespective of how hurtful they may be. This honest feedback may be the difference between failure and success.

Who Can Be Your Habit Partner :

  1. Colleague :
    This is another great idea for an accountability partner as a colleague or peer is going through a similar career path as you and may have similar interests. Having someone provide feedback from a neutral perspective can help you shape your career effectively and be better at work.

  2. Friend or Family Member :
    Someone close to you will always have your best interests at heart and be genuinely interested in your success, which makes them a great choice for your accountability partner. Their advice and feedback will always be for your own good. Just make sure it’s someone who is willing to be brutally honest, even when it may cause you temporary discomfort.

Key Notes to Remember :

  • As a piece of advice, exclude your close friends, so the partnership does not end up into a chit chat. Every moment has to be deliberate and intentional. The essence of the relationship is to provide honest feedback and not to waste time.

  • Mother : then buy it for your kid/ husband/ mother/ sister/ brother or anyone whom you wish to succeed in life & be happy.

  • Trust us : this is the best gift you can ever give.

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