Just Do It - Take Action in 2023

It's Time to Move from "Getting Ready" Mindset to "Action" Mindset !!

It's Time to Move from "Getting Ready" Mindset to "Action" Mindset !!

Have you experienced this in your life? We tend to make a lot of decisions. We decide to eat healthier, get another degree, or start a new business. However, all of these decisions really mean nothing.

In order to make a decision mean anything, you need to take action. 

This concept is so simple, yet most people never move from deciding to doing. They do not get into the habit of taking action and do not accomplish all they could be.

By getting into the habit of putting ideas and decisions into action, you are in a better position to achieve the results you desire.

If you want a good life with good work, you must get good at taking action—and putting yourself in a position to be able to do so. Too often, we hesitate. We wait too long before acting, as we try to line things up perfectly. A costly mistake.

Because “Action is the foundational key to all success.” - Pablo Picasso

Start With Vision + White Boards :

  • Forgive Yourself for every time you did not took action & let go of the regrets because it's never too late. Start today by giving your subconscious mind the clarity of what you want, make your mind your biggest supporter in 2023 by creating a Vision Board for yourself. Let's first decide, then prioritise & then execute until it's done.

    Take Help of following articles to understand in depth - (Power of Mind & Visualization, Why You Must-Have a Vision Board & How to Create Your Vision Board in 2023).

  • Do you want to begin exercising or present a new idea at work? Do it today. When we pause and wait, we lose the will to move forward and allow doubt to creep into our minds. Use Your Wall Whiteboard to prioritise the tasks you need to take the next day & place them in front of you on a Calendar Board so that you are able to focus & move ahead.

  • You too face the problem of overthinking?? There's one effective way to remove that & it's simply by prioritising & executing. Just try it for a week & you will be amazed how much you have done with the time you have wasted in overthinking. Take Your Whiteboard & write down what's the next 2-3 most important steps you can take & then write them down so that you are able to work with an unwavering focus.

  • Everyone including you should have a Monthly or Weekly Calendar Board to block the time for the actions you need to take in order to take action consistently, all you need is to mention the tasks along with the time you will give in taking action on that (be it for 15 minutes or 60), this one habit can help you make tremendous growth & progress.

  • Taking Consistent Action is the #1 way to overcome fear, the more you take action the more confidence you have in yourself, Read this Article to Choose the Best Whiteboard to Take Action in 2023 as this will be the best gift you can give to yourself & your loved ones by inspiring them to take action too.

  • All the Boards mentioned above will help you stay in the present & focus single-mindedly on the task in hand, as we don't recognise the time we waste by getting distracted all the time. I know its hard, but all you need to do is start small & gradually you will definitely be able to build more focus & take action on your 2023 goals.

Key Points to Remember :

  • Incorporate "yet." If you're struggling with a task, remind yourself that you just haven’t mastered it “yet.” Integrating this word into your vocabulary signals that despite any struggles, you can overcome anything.

  • A person who leads a disciplined life is more action-oriented than those who laze around. Being lethargic to work is a deadly weapon. You are not only killing valuable time, but you are also wasting opportunities that may come your way if you maintain discipline.

    Set tasks for yourself and complete them accordingly. Organize your works.

  • There is no perfect time; there is only the present time. You must take action now and you can make adjustments as you move along. I know the perfect time to start was last year. The second best time is right now.

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