Build the super power to focus

Become Unstoppable in 2023 by Learning the Super Power of Focus !!

Become Unstoppable in 2023 by Learning the Super Power of Focus !!

It's hard to focus, no matter how much we try. But the good news is that focus can be developed, its like a muscle, the more you practice the more it builds. And I cannot recommend enough but you MUST, MUST & MUST build this super power in 2023 & see your life grow at a level you never imagined.

Because this one mistake of always being distracted & worrying about the outcome made me suffer that I cannot even explain, but when I knew the problem & what it costs, I made it my mission to make sure that no one has to go through this + what an incredible our life becomes by improving our focus skills.

It takes time, so don't loose faith & believe in yourself while building this super power. Because you are doing this not only for yourself but your family, as you will also inspire them & help them change their lives too.

Why You Need a Vision Board :

  • A Vision Board is a visual representation of your meaningful goals, of what you actually want from your life, you need a constant reminder & there is no better tool than a Vision Board, it's scientifically proven tool that really works.

  • Your Vision Board gives you clarity, as most of the time we are unable to focus because we don't know what we really want & we just drift through life reacting to the situations. Your Vision Board gives you a direction which is the key step to build focus.

  • Please read the following articles for better understanding & then move ahead (Why Vision Board & Power of Your Mind).

  • As you see it & read the affirmations everyday, this will keep your subconscious mind focused on your goals and will accelerate the speed at which you will reach them.

  • Now remember, Visualization is the first step, but you need to take consistent action in order to build this habit as this is the real practice.

How Can a White Board Help You :

  • You can read this article for detailed benefits & how to choose the correct whiteboard as per your needs.

  • First step is to free up your mind & set your priorities, meetings, exams or anything on your Visual Calendar/ Planning Boards, as no matter what you do, you need a Planner, now Weekly or Monthly or Yearly, that's your decision.

  • You need a big blank space for brainstorming, problem-solving, decision-making, breaking your goals into small actionable steps & much more in which a Wall Mounted Whiteboard will help you.

  • But if you have less space, you can go for the alternative which is a Combination of White Board + Bulletin Board, but you still need a planner to keep yourself accountable by blocking your time & making sure you take relevant action to make progress.

Key Points to Remember :

  • Meditation : Just giving 5 - 10 minutes of your day to meditate can help you improve focus at large rate, & visualizing your Vision Board after meditation is also a booster as you are in the present moment. Start Small & then snow ball.

  • Take Technology Breaks like putting your phone on silent & away from you so that you can do deep work, don't take your mobile while you are in the bathroom, give time to yourself it really helps.

  • Try Living a Minimalist Lifestyle, if you are not aware. Do search as this helps you with decluttering your life & focusing on things that really matters.

  • Sometime we feel so much stuck that there is nothing we can focus on, at that time, remember to Get Clarity, as that's the biggest reason for someone to act without getting hurdles or obstacles in their way.

  • Play this video on background to enhance your Focus & Power of Mind at low volume - Studying/ Working White Noise.

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