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How to Build the "HABITS" you need to get the RESULTS You Want in Life??

How to Build the "HABITS" you need to get the RESULTS You Want in Life??

This Article is Inspired by James Clear (Author of Atomic Habits). To Watch Full Video - Click Here (Highly Recommended), if you too Believe that Small & Consistent Steps/ Habits can bring the Real Change & Turn Your Dreams into Reality !!

There are 4 Stages of Habit Formation - 

  1. Noticing
  2. Wanting
  3. Doing
  4. Liking

1. Noticing (Bringing Clarity) :

"Many people think that they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity.

So, you reading this article means that you have noticed that there is something you can do about your current situation in order to improve it. 

The First Step is always to Be Aware & Clear about what you want to achieve, as without clarity you won't be able to make the right choices & decisions.

The First Action that you need to take after Deciding your Habit is to Give your Goals a Time & Place to live in the world. What does this mean?

On Your Whiteboard, right down the habit that you need to build with a specific Day, Time & Place. For Example, you want to start exercising. so Write Down :

"During the next week, I will partake in at least 15 minutes of workout [Every Day], at [8 AM] at/ in [DRAWING ROOM/ ETC]. This step will ensure that you have Clarity & place your whiteboard somewhere you can see that several times a day.

NOTE: Core Point about Noticing is it's hard to change something if you are not aware of it. And one way to become more aware of the opportunity to take action is to have a specific plan of when it's gonna happen.

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2. Wanting (Positive Environment) :

One of the most overlooked drivers of your habits is your Physical Environment. Your Environment strongly influences your Will Power, Motivation & even desires.

Thankfully, You don't have to just be a VICTIM of your Environment. You can also be the ARCHITECT of it.

You can decide to design an environment that makes your Good Behaviours Easier & Bad Behaviours Harder, but how ??

Let's take an example that you want to eat an apple every day, but you keep it inside your food storage in the fridge so it is not that visible that you can take action for that.

By simply placing the Apple on your Kitchen counter you can easily have an apple every day without putting so much effort to remember everything.

Remember: Don't rely on willpower or self-control, It's a lot easier to stick to better habits when you are presented with better & easily available options.

Another great example to create the Positive or the Right Environment is to create a Vision Board for yourself, Want to Know More About that - (Click Here to Know the Best Strategies to Activate the Power of Visualisation & Attraction with Vision/ Dream or also called as Goal Boards).

NOTE: It is far easier to stick to good habits if you are living in an environment that's inclined to push you in that direction.

Start Taking Action Today -

3. Doing (Being Consistent Daily) :

Always focus on Quantity above Quality while starting a new habit. The important insight for habits is that in the beginning, the most important thing is just to shut up & put your reps in.

Instead of Keeping Your Mind towards the end goal, focus it on the start. Before even taking out the action we have the end results in our mind.

While building a habit, your prime concern is to be consistent & optimize for the starting line, not the finish line.

NOTE: Make your start as easy as possible, because once you build that habit of showing up every day no matter what. It will be very easy to build any of the other habits.

Power of Habits

4. Liking (Reward Yourself) :

The only reason we repeat behaviors is that we like them. You need to experience a sense of reward or accomplishment to make sure that you continue consistently every day.

If we don't enjoy the experience along the way, we are unlikely to stick with it.

And that means that you need to figure out ways to bring a reward in the present moment as for every good habit the actual rewards come after a few weeks or months.

You cannot get in shape by doing exercise for a couple of days, so to make sure that you feel rewarded the very moment we have a great strategy used by Top Performers (i.e. The Seinfeld Strategy).

So grab your Whiteboard, write down the habit you are working on to build & create small boxes with the dates mentioned above (Calendar).

Then every day once you perform or complete that habit just write "X" on that particular day so that you can create a chain & feel rewarded the very moment by writing an "X" for that particular day.

NOTE: At some point after few days of performing the habit every day & marking an "X" you gonna get a chain going. At that point, your only goal becomes "NOT TO BREAK THE CHAIN."

No matter how good or bad you think you are performing, but make sure that you never break the chain.

Remember: Even if you miss a day, so don't be like. Ohh, I missed this, now everything is gone & feel demotivated. Instead, Keep this wonderful thought & Rule of "NEVER MISSING TWICE."

The only difference between 80% Average People & 20% Top Performers is that Top Performers get back to track very quickly, as nothing is ever the end of the world.

So make sure to get back up every time, push yourself & commit to the habit that you want to create in order to Find & Achieve Your True Potential & Create the Life of Your Dreams.

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