Why Should You Have an Personal Habit Coach/ Buddy in Life ??

Why Should You Have an Personal Habit Coach/ Buddy in Life ??

Why Should You Have an Personal Habit Coach/ Buddy in Life ??

We have heard consistently from our Parents to always be Disciplined, yet we don't really follow it properly & think sometimes as a torture and that absolute Freedom is in doing whatever you feel like or your mood is. But the truth is exactly the opposite :

"Only & Only Self-Discipline Can Help You Experience the Real Freedom."

It's time to Parent Yourself & for extra experienced help, checkout "My Habit Buddy". I created this product after going through many failures in life, I never could afford a personal mentor who can guide me & tell me that "Small Steps taken everyday leads to real success in life" & the "Importance of Habits in Life."

But I will make sure that this is not the case with anyone else. - Rishabh Jain (Founder of STEPLO Group) !! So with "My Habit Buddy" you get a Personal Habit Coach for One Full Year who is available via Call & Chat on your "STEPLO APP."

Your Personal "Habit Buddy is a Certified Habit Coach" & Learns Daily to be 1% better every day to help you more effectively. They apply all the "Behaviour Change & Habit Formation Laws" to make it easy for you to build good habits & remove the bad ones.

Importance of Habit Coach in Life :

The Truth About Progress :
When you start any endeavour in your life, here is what we think should happen. Linear Progress.
But here is what actually happens. Notice this section here. In the beginning, small changes in our progress are not even noticeable.

James Clear refers to this part of graph as "the valley of disappointment". You have done so much! Put in so much effort and you barely see any results! 

This is where most people fail & slip back into their old routines. The most powerful outcomes of any compounding process are delayed so Patience is required.
This is where your Habit Buddy & Habit Partners play the biggest role.

A System of Atomic Habits :
The problem with changing your habits is not you. The reason why you repeat the same bad habit for so long isn't because you don't want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change.

Atomic Habits are small routines & behaviours that accumulate to produce incremental positive outcomes over time. Big breakthroughs tend to get more attention than small improvements.

But what really matters are the little daily decisions & actions we take.

Note: Just as atoms are the building blocks of molecules, atomic habits are the building blocks of remarkable results.
  • Your Personal Coach who believes in you, will guide you through the year. Be there for you & help you be on track when you fail, we won't let you quit.

  • Your Personal Coach will track your daily progress - 
    You will have to share the photo of your habit tracker board every day because knowing that someone else is watching you is a powerful motivator to act.

  • Send you guides, photos, videos based on your goals -
    I will make sure to give my best to share articles, photos, videos & other content that will help you achieve the goals and progress daily in life & keep you inspired.

  • Help you get back on track every time you fail/ miss -
    I promise to always find a way & solution so that you never miss your progress. Will review the same weekly & monthly to help you build the system that is easy for you.

  • Create the right & suitable environment for you - 
    We both together will make sure to create an environment in which the Good Habits are easy to perform & bad habits are harder, it will take time but we will make it.

  • Help you set up the complete product (You're not alone) - 
    It's my responsibility to make sure that you are able to easily take out the best of every product, be it Vision Board or else, will always be there for you in this journey.

“An accountability partner is there to support you, to problem-solve and to celebrate even the small victories,” Dr. Church said. “Judgment is the quickest way to destroy all that. People are already so hard on themselves. You don’t need to be hard on them.”


Stay accountable to the people in your life.

An accountability buddy can help you to stay on track and to keep taking action towards your goal or dream even when the initial enthusiasm has disappeared.

For example, many of you as readers help me to stay accountable to provide helpful content. I get feedback all the time about if I do things in a helpful or less helpful way. I get a ton of encouragement.

People closer to me in my life help me to stay accountable to for instance not eating too much unhealthy stuff, to working out and to not working too much.

Motivate each other. Keep each other accountable so you take action and take steps forward each week. 

  • We will help/ support according to your pace/ after making sure you are done with the first habit then we will increase the time/ upgrade the habit & add more to help you achieve & change the identity that you wished & gave your best all the time.

  • Hey, you incredible person reading this. The truth is you are confident and good enough already with who you are, where you are at what you have right now to have all the success you want in life.
    Don't let others define what "Success" is for you. Get Up, learn that skill & go after it.
    I believe in you so much !!

  • We won't let you loose hope. We will keep reminding you that you took this plan/ product because you believed in yourself. We won't lose hope either.

  • There is no one single way that works for everyone, so will test/ upgrade & make sure that we come out with the most effective ways to build good habits & eradicate the bad ones. (Everyone's unique).

Work with a coach

Still asking yourself, “What’s stopping me from taking action?” Consider speaking to a coach. 

Coaches can give you an outside perspective, and work with you to develop the strategies you’ll need to start and continue taking action. A coach can support you throughout the entire process of turning your dreams into reality.

Big goals, dreams, and transformations are not easy — the strategic help, accountability, and encouragement of regular coaching sessions can make all the difference. Schedule a coaching session to get on your way to taking action.

When you’re ready, we’re here to help!


An accountability partner is someone working solely to keep us in check and accountable. It can be more than one person who will keep you focused and committed to your goals and make sure that you take the right steps on your way to success.


Knowing there is someone that is constantly waiting on you to succeed and proving it with their actions is enough to drive you to success.

Qualities of Your Personal Habit Buddy :

  • Disciplined :
    Your Habit Buddy is also Your 1st Habit Partner, so its a must have characteristic in all of them in order to motivate & inspire you. They make sure to share tips & build this habit of self-discipline in you & your other habit partners to never procrastinate & take action every day.

  • Challenging :
    Your Habit Buddy always want to see you improve & move to the next level. But, they will do it at your comfortable pace so that you don't feel burnout or stressed. It is always important to know your limits & push yourself forward. They increase the habits frequency & levels with your convenience.

  • Patient :
    Your Habit Buddy is always patient with you. They won't jump to conclusions, and neither will rush you into decisions. They understand, even in times of urgency, how being patient can help you make the best decisions. They give you feedbacks regularly to improve everyday.

  • Supportive :
    In short, they believe in you & will always be there for you. They know its not easy to move out of your comfort zone, but by purchasing "My Habit Buddy" you have taken the 1st step to improve your life & your loved ones, so they will encourage & inspire you to make this change permanent.

  • Honest :
    Your Habit Buddy will always give honest feedback & constructive criticism. Note the use of the word “constructive.” This means they how to criticise without bringing you or your moral down. This will help you to improve at a faster speed to achieve anything you want in life.

How Your Buddy Helps with 12 Habits :

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