Live an Intentional Life : Have a Purpose Behind Your Actions !!

Live an Intentional Life : Have a Purpose Behind Your Actions !!

Live an Intentional Life : Have a Purpose Behind Your Actions !!

Intentional living is a lifestyle based on an individual or group's conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. These can include lifestyles based on religious, political or ethical values, as well as for self-improvement.

The worst thing you could ever waste is your life. Instead, commit yourself to intentional living and living with purpose.

Key Notes About Intentional Living :

  • Realize that your life is made up of choices :
    Every morning is a new day full of decisions and opportunities. You get to pick your attitude and your decisions. You don’t have to let the circumstances of your past negatively determine the pattern of your life in the future. You have a choice in the matter. You do not need to be stuck in the same pattern of living that you have been for years… realize that every morning is a new opportunity. 

  • Intentional Living is not about Perfection :
    Mistakes are how we learn but living with intention means our lessons serve a purpose. We’re choosing to experiment with our lives. It’s messy and scary work, but it’s what moves us forward, in the direction of our dreams. But nothing changes unless you find the courage to take the first step.

  • Make Small, Repeated Decisions :
    Intentional living is about making the decision every day to live the life you want most. If you don’t have the resources, like time or money, It’s fine to start small. Sometimes it’s even better that way because consistency and perseverance are what matter most in the long run. 

  • There are No Right or Wrong Answers :
    Intentional living is about being honest and doing what feels right for you. There are no right or wrong answers as long as you’re true to your authentic self. 

    Don’t compare your life to friends, family, or strangers on the Internet. Stop judging yourself against an arbitrary timeline for success. Instead, consider this your permission slip to create your own schedule.

You Always Have a Choice (So Decide) !! :

Regrets Results
Self Doubts/ Problems Solutions & Belief/ Self-Confidence
Sad Happy
Wrong Decisions Calculated/ Analysed Decisions
Self-Confidence Insecure
No Idea Life/ Autopilot Intentional Life/ Purpose
Stucked/ Slavery Freedom
Perfection Progress
Fear Faith
Excuses/ Waste Time Taking Action
Exhausted/ Weak Full of Energy/ Strength
Give Up Easily Resilience
Sick/ Tired/ Worry Physical/ Mental & Emotional Health
Hate Love
Helplessness Fulfilment
Frustration Courage/ Empower
Anger, Stress, Anxiety Confidence/ Joy
Laziness Ambition
Problems Solutions/ Opportunity
Instability Balance
Security/ Safe Adventure
Weak Strong
No Manipulation Genuine/ Honest
Distractions Focus
Accelerate/ Speed Up Procrastination/ Delay/ Drag
Life of No Respect/ Fun Life of Respect & Integrity

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