Take Help of "My Habit Buddy" to Become Anti-Fragile in Life !!

Take Help of "My Habit Buddy" to Become Anti-Fragile in Life !!

Take Help of "My Habit Buddy" to Become Anti-Fragile in Life !!

Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better from disorders that life throws at them.

The antifragile loves randomness and uncertainty, which also means— crucially—a love of errors, a certain class of errors. Antifragility has a singular property of allowing us to deal with the unknown, to do things without understanding them— and do them well.

Let me be more aggressive: we are largely better at doing than we are at thinking, thanks to antifragility. I’d rather be dumb and antifragile than extremely smart and fragile, any time.

"Antifragile" is a word you can’t find in the dictionary. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author and student of probability and risk, coined the word because, after looking at languages across the world, he could not find a word which describes the ability to improve with stress rather than merely resist it as the word "resilient" implies.

How "My Habit Buddy" Helps You :

  • Anti-Fragile mindset doesn't mean denying feelings of anxiety & stress, but instead to train yourself with mindful meditation which is guided in Habit No. 10 - Simple & Easy Meditation.

  • An obvious example of something that improves with stress is the human body which gets stronger, more fit, and less prone to disease with exercise, Habit No. 6 - Daily Exercise helps you with the same.

  • All of the 12 Habits that we included in My Habit Buddy, Challenge You, Your Comfort Zone as you Take Action, Gain More Energy, Strength & Toughness which results in building a Anti-Fragile Mindset & Strong Body.

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