List of All the Other Accessories You Get with "My Habit Buddy" !!

List of All the Other Accessories You Get with "My Habit Buddy" !!

List of All the Other Accessories You Get with "My Habit Buddy" !!

Here is the List of all the Accessories that you get along with the other products in -"My Habit Buddy" to help you start using the products as soon as they are delivered, as it takes around 15 - 30 business days to setup the complete product to start with Building the Top 12 Powerful Habits in One Year !!

List of All the Accessories :

  1. Magnets :
    You get a set of 12 Magnets which help you hang any important papers, notes or reminders on your Magnetic White Board. You get a 1.5 x 2 feet Size Board with My Habit Buddy, but you can increase the size up to 4 x 6 feet. To Change the Size, WhatsApp us at +91-9022150500.

  2. Push Pins :
    You get 50 Push Pins which help you create your perfect Vision Board, you get a 1.5 x 2 feet Pin Up Board to create the right Vision Board & Place it at the right place to experience the Power of Visualization & Attraction. 

  3. Habit Score Card :
    Habit Score Card is a form which helps you get the idea of the habits you are currently performing & mark (+) for the habits that you want to improve, mark (=) that are necessary & mark (-) that you want to replace with more productive habits for the goal you want to achieve.

  4. Magnetic Dusters :
    High Quality Dusters play a very big role in maintaining your Whiteboard quality, so we make sure that all the dusters are checked thoroughly before dispatch so that its very easy to erase the board & no ghosting or marks are left on the board.

  5. Hanging Hardware :
    You get 3 Boards (Habit Tracking Board, White Board & Pin Board) with My Habit Buddy, that needs to be hanged at the right place. So complete hardware with a Visual Representation of the Process to guide you in proper placement comes along with the products.

  6. White Board Markers :
    8 Colored Markers, 2 of every color comes along with the product which are reusable & of High Quality with great visibility & flow. These will help you with Habit Tracking Board & White Marker Board for Prioritization, Problem-Solving, Breaking Your Goals, Track Your Habits & Much More ...

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