Habit No. 5 - Drink Water Daily in the Morning & Stay Hydrated !!

Habit No. 5 - Drink Water Daily in the Morning & Stay Hydrated !!

Habit No. 5 - Drink Water Daily in the Morning & Stay Hydrated !!

NOTE: The Smallest of Discipline starts the process of Life Change. And if you will invest in this thing called Discipline, you can have whatever you wish (Source : Take Action by Jim Rohn).

You, Me & Everybody knows how important water is for our body but, we overlook this essential habit that we must perform every day to Improve the Quality of our lives & Achieve the Full Potential of ourselves.

How this Small Habit Can Change Your Life : 

  1. Prepares You for the Day :
    Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning may seem like the logical choice, but health experts say water is better. After going several hours without H2O, a serving of water first thing can hydrate the body while aiding digestion and metabolism. Water is an essential nutrient, and the organs and tissues in your body depend on it to function.

    Since your body loses water regularly, you need to compensate for these losses to avoid dehydration. It's very important to start your day off with a lot of energy.

    A refreshing glass of water can revitalize you and help you feel more positive about and prepared for the day ahead. 

  2. One of Brains Best Friend :
    Your Brain is strongly influenced by your Hydration Status & Water Enhances our Cognitive Performance/ Abilities, particularly Visual Attention & Mood States. (Research 1 - Read Here & Research 2 - Read Here).

    Cognition is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. These cognitive processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. 

  3. Helps Boost Your Immune System :
    One habit that has monumental health benefits is to drink a large glass of water with lemon every single day. Lemons are a natural source of Vitamin C, but also possess other health benefits -- such as helping with your digestion, boosting your immune system, along with cleansing and rehydrating your body.

    The water itself is also an important way to flush any toxins from your system early on in the morning when you first arise. Ultimately, over time, this will also aid with things like weight loss, a reduction in any inflammations, and an overall boost in energy.  

  4. Essential for Full Potential Performance :
    "When getting pulled in many directions at once, or when catching flights, preparing for exams or busy managing your family, it's easy to forget basic things like drinking water. For the brain and body to perform at a high function, optimal hydration is the key. 

    We all know that dehydration can limit physical performance, but studies have shown that even mild dehydration can negatively affect several aspects of brain function as well. 

    How Your Habit Buddy Will Help You Build this Habit ??

    • Your Personal "Habit Buddy is a Certified Habit Coach" & Learns More Daily to be 1% better every day to help you more effectively. They apply all the "Behaviour Change & Habit Formation Laws" to make it easy for you to build good habits & remove the bad ones.

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    • Your "STEPLO APP" reminds you with the notification so that you don't forget & complete your daily goal of 2 - 3 Litres. (It will not just remind like other apps, but share relevant benefits to keep you inspired & update).

    • Every time you perform this habit & update it in your "STEPLO App", you get "STEPLO Coins" that you can redeem for other Premium & Helpful Products/ Services like Headspace, Cult Fit, Books, Body Massages & Therapy, Fit Bit, Sleep Tracking Ring & more that will help to make your habits & life better.

    • There is a Weekly Leaderboard which has all your "Habit Partners" like friends, family & others who are member of "My Habit Buddy". Every week's leader gets an exclusive reward to celebrate their effort, boost self-confidence & inspire their partners.

    Some Helpful Tips to Keep Yourself Hydrated :

    • Although it is imperative to drink water throughout the day, one of the best (and easiest) times to drink water is first thing in the morning.

    • The Standard Consumption of water for Men is 3 Litres & for Women it is 2 to 2.5 Litres based on the physical activities.

    • Apart from the above Benefits there are many more if you drink water the first thing in the morning to improve your life - Improve Your Skin, Helps Weight Loss, Increase shine & hair texture, Relieves Heartburn & Ingestion & more.

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