Habit No. 2 - Take Action Every Day Even Before You Feel Ready !!

Habit No. 2 - Take Action Every Day Even Before You Feel Ready !!

Habit No. 2 - Take Action Every Day Even Before You Feel Ready !!

Everybody wants advice but nobody wants to do the work. If you cut the time you spend deliberating (to think about or discuss something fully before making a decision) in half and spent that time actively pursuing what you want, how much farther ahead do you think you’d be?

One of the most essential habit of successful & productive people is the inevitable (unavoidable) “action” habit.

It is important to organize, to plan, and to set priorities, but without action, a plan is nothing more than potential.

Successful people act – quickly and often. In addition, although it may sound counterintuitive, according to James Clear, they act (start, anyway) before they feel ready. While others come up with reasons not to act, successful people take that all-important first step – even if it seems outlandish (strange, unique or unfamiliar).

How this Small Habit Can Change Your Life : 

  • Get Up & Make Things Happen :
    Many people are so interested in excuse making that they don’t ever take action and see what they can accomplish and who they can truly become.

    The keys are within you to create the life of your dreams, never let the world or others stop you from becoming who you want to be and living the life you want to live.
  • Take Control of Your Life :
    If you are dependent on motivation to act, then let me tell you that motivation is garbage. You're making a mistake if you think at some point you'll feel ready to do the things you've been thinking about.

    There is no need to put off tomorrow what you can do today. Build consistency in doing something with intention, and see how your life changes. If you wait for the right time to show up, you will be waiting forever. Take your day into your own hands and create your “now.”
  • Focus on Progress, Not Perfection:
    Preparation is good. However, it’s easy to get stuck in research and making sure everything is going to play out as planned. But you can get buried in the preparation and forget that to get you moving to the next level, you must be in action.

    Don’t let yourself become trapped in practice trying to get it all perfect first. Action will always make it better. Focus on making progress every single day.
  • Talk Less & Act More :
    Instead of wasting valuable time watching others and criticizing them badly, successful people are doers. They focus on their situation and concentrate all their daily efforts on the actions that will lead them to success.
  • Turn Your Dreams Into Reality :
    What makes dreams into reality? I believe that perhaps the most important - and often ignored - thing is simply taking action.

  • Push Yourself & Get Things Done :
    This is really the most important habit for success. It is the ability to get on with the job and get it done fast. It is your ability to develop and maintain a sense of urgency, and a bias for action. Fast tempo in whatever you do is essential to your success.

  • Experience Success & Happiness :
    You need to overcome procrastination, push aside your fears and launch 100% toward the achievement of your most important goals. The combination of goal orientation, and action orientation, in themselves, will assure great success & happiness.

How Your Habit Buddy Will Help You Build this Habit ??

  • Your Personal "Habit Buddy is a Certified Habit Coach" & Learns More Daily to be 1% better every day to help you more effectively. They apply all the "Behaviour Change & Habit Formation Laws" to make it easy for you to build good habits & remove the bad ones.

  • You have already passed the biggest step by Building the First Habit : Activate Power of Visualization With Vision Board to move forward with clarity, hope & optimism.

  • Your Habit Buddy will help turn your complex goals into smaller & simple steps as complexity is the number one reason of not taking action (step-by-step guide).

  • Your Habit Buddy will share articles, books, blogs of people who have done what you want to do in life to learn from their experience & achieve your goals faster.

  • Your Habit Buddy will help you on how to choose the Most Important/ Difficult task that you need to do first thing in the morning to make the rest of your day easier & lighter.

  • Your Habit Buddy will also help you learn to use SMART goals to list achievable targets that you can measure and track in a very easy way so that it is not complex for you to understand.

  • Your buddy will also guide & prepare you for your unmotivated days because that's life, but no reason to let that sink your day into inaction & feeling sorry for yourself.

  • Also Habit No. 3 : Keep Yourself Organized & Habit No. 4 : Set Priorities for the Day will play a big role to focus, avoid distractions & take small steps every day.

  • Every time you perform this habit & update it in your "STEPLO App", you get "STEPLO Coins" that you can redeem for other Premium & Helpful Products/ Services like Headspace, Cult Fit, Books, Body Massages & Therapy, Fit Bit, Sleep Tracking Ring & more that will help to make your habits & life better.

  • There is a Weekly Leaderboard which has all your "Habit Partners" like friends, family & others who are member of "My Habit Buddy". Every week's leader gets an exclusive reward to celebrate their effort, boost self-confidence & inspire their partners.

Some Helpful Tips to Take Consistent Action :

  • Remember: Self guilt can send you to overthinking & inaction. Quicker you forgive yourself, quicker you push yourself to Take Action.
  • It's a beautiful cycle. The more action you take, the more you wanna take action.

  • To take action means to do something to get a particular result. Any time you intentionally create movement, it is all because of the desired outcome. Execute your actions to support your dreams and goals.

  • Action can be hard to take, but that’s only due to the fact of misrepresentation of the possibilities. Do your best not to focus on the outcome. Instead, ask yourself, “What does this make possible?” Even though obstacles and detours will distract you from your desired results, don’t let that be your primary focus. You’re created for more, so be willing to go the extra mile!

  • Failure to take action can stem from many areas, the main one being the failures that have already occurred. Look at your failures as a lesson learned, so you can be willing to learn even more. Stretching yourself beyond what you can see builds trust within yourself and seizes the opportunity of the present!

  • The plan of how you’re going to achieve success continues through the chain reaction. Action is the foundation where consistency is built.

  • Reading and learning are addicting. But no matter how much you read or learn, nothing will gain success for you unless you take action. The thing is that action is not so exciting. In fact, action can be tedious, especially if you don’t get the desired results. Yet, knowledge can lead your action when utilized appropriately. Don’t sit on what you know. Knowledge is power.

  • ​Re-evaluate action steps as needed. Sometimes we set action steps that are too easy, too hard, or need to change to be effective moving forward. Remember, it's okay to change your steps/ plan along the way as our focus is to make progress.

  • Most importantly, realize that the important moments of your lives aren’t just in the big, once-a-year big scary leaps of faith and goal-setting. They’re in the countless small decisions you make and actions you take every single day that keep them on target toward achieving your dreams.

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