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Habit No. 7 - Read Everyday to Keep Your Mind Healthy & Powerful !!

Habit No. 7 - Read Everyday to Keep Your Mind Healthy & Powerful !!

Reading has benefits to both your physical and mental health and those benefits can last a lifetime. Not only does reading stimulate growth, but it helps to reduce stress, prevent age-related cognitive decline and promote a good night’s sleep.

Reading is the workout for your mental health and, the same way you take care of your body, it’s important to take care of your brain.

Reading will teach you how to think and expand your mind to new ideas, crucial tools for success. To learn from the reading habits of successful people, put aside a little time each day to get lost in a book.

How this Small Habit Can Change Your Life : 

  • Improves Focus & Concentration :
    One of the worst things that technology has done is make us lazy. Almost everything is available with ease. We hardly make an effort to focus on solving issues or concentrate on bringing about any improvement.

    Reading Everyday improves your Focus & Concentration Effectively.
  • Get Solution to Every Problem :
    Sometimes we are so badly stuck that no matter what we do, we are unable to get out of the rut or unable to find the solution. This is where Reading can help you in its best way, no matter what problem you are going through, there is a solution written anywhere.

    Don't ever think that you are alone, someone has already been through what you are experiencing, so learn from them, Take Action & Unstuck Yourself to Achieve Your Goals More Quickly & Turn Your Dreams into Reality.

  • Improve Quality of Your Sleep :
    Doctors at the Mayo Clinic suggest reading as part of a regular sleep routine.

    For best results, you may want to choose a print book rather than reading on a screen, since the light emitted by your device could keep you awake and lead to other unwanted health outcomes.

    Doctors also recommend that you read somewhere other than your bedroom if you have trouble falling asleep.
  • Be More Happy & Successful :
    On a daily basis, learning is critical for our happiness, but it also affects other spectrums of our life’s quality as well. It allows us to grow, mature, and gain experiential knowledge of the world. It allows us to put life into perspective, and ultimately achieve our dreams by laying the groundwork for our personal and professional lives.

    Find a newspaper, magazine, video tutorial, blog, or anything else that you enjoy using as a learning resource. Learn every single day and spend 15 to 30 minutes doing this. You don’t have to commit to huge blocks of time. As long as you do a little bit every single day, but you do it every single day, over time, this habit will help you to be a much happier and well-rounded person.

  • Better Writing Skills :
    If you read more, you will naturally become good at writing skills. Since your vocabulary and pronunciation improve by reading regularly, it eventually makes you a better writer.

    We are not just talking about writing fiction, books, novels, etc. Even when writing something in everyday personal and professional life, your writing skills would have improved with regular reading.

    The more you read, the better your writing skills will become. You would tend to focus on various aspects of writing that would allow you to write more effectively than others.

    How Your Habit Buddy Will Help You Build this Habit ??

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    • Your "STEPLO App" reminds you at the time you set so that you never miss out on reading at your convenient time & also shares fun ways to keep this habit interesting & productive.

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    Some Helpful Tips to Keep Reading Consistently :

    • Best Time to Start Reading is before you sleep, it improves the Quality of your sleep. It's a bit hard, but if you start small & stay small, its becomes day by day.

    • From health benefits to getting smarter, there are numerous benefits that regular reading can offer. You can expect to enhance your knowledge about so many things if you just develop this habit of reading books regularly.

    • It might appear boring unless you start, but once it is assured, once you get a grip of reading, you will be thanking yourself for this habit.

    • It’s especially important for children to read as much as possible because the effects of reading are cumulative. However, it’s never too late to begin taking advantage of the many physical and psychological benefits waiting for you in the pages of a good book.

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