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Habit No. 1 - Activate Power of Visualization With Your Vision Board !!

Habit No. 1 - Activate Power of Visualization With Your Vision Board !!

NOTE : You have unlimited ability to learn and develop new skills and powerful & sustainable habits. So always believe in yourself instead of self-doubts.

Our brain is an incredible machine that is generated towards making us successful with every action we take. It trains our bodies to prepare for action - when we imagine ourselves preparing for an activity, our brains actually run through the process and send signals to the rest of our body to complete the action.

Visualization is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, your brain trains your body for that reality. In fact, in one neuropsychology study, researchers found that the mental training of the physical exercise was almost as effective as the actual physical practice. 

Visualize Yourself As You Want To Be :

There is a special way that you can accelerate your progress toward becoming the highly productive, effective, action-oriented & efficient person that you want to be. It consists of you thinking continually about the rewards and benefits of being an action-oriented, fast-moving, and focused person. See yourself as the kind of person who gets important jobs done quickly and well on a consistent basis through effective time management.

Your mental picture of yourself has a powerful effect on your behaviour. Visualize yourself as the person you intend to be in the future. Your self-image, the way you see yourself on the inside, largely determines your performance on the outside. All improvement in your outer life begins with improvements in your mental pictures, on the inside.

When you train yourself, through repetition and practice, to overcome procrastination and get your most important tasks completed quickly, you will move onto the fast track in your life and career and step on the accelerator.

How this Small Habit Can Change Your Life : 

  • Visualization helps you make better decisions, give you clarity of your goals & get what you really want out of life. It's hard to make progress toward your goals if you don't take some time to think about them.

  • Visualization can be used to motivate you to focus on, and work toward, your future ideal state & build your self confidence.

  • Visualization gives a person the power and courage to tackle daunting tasks as it triggers the hormones that make the process of attaining goals easier. Successful people visualize success long before getting it. It increases positive thoughts in them and helps them optimize their performance to the top.

  • Visualization techniques can also reduce stress & anxiety. They direct your attention back to the details of your desired outcome. In the process, minimizing the noise of other (less relevant) distractions.

  • Vision Boards have been more popular as the years go on. You know why? Well, because they really work. Seeing all of your goals and plans in front of you makes it more meaningful and pushes you to work harder towards achieving all your dreams.

How Your Habit Buddy Will Help You Build this Habit ??

  • Your Personal "Habit Buddy is a Certified Habit Coach" & Learns More Daily to be 1% better every day to help you more effectively. They apply all the "Behaviour Change & Habit Formation Laws" to make it easy for you to build good habits & remove the bad ones.

  • To Help You Create Vision Board :
    This Visualization Tool is a collection of images & words that inspire you and represent your real goals. It serves as a visual representation of what you want to achieve.

  • "My Habit Buddy" includes a Notice Board (1.5 x 2. feet) which works best as a "Vision Board" and you can get a bigger size too by contacting customer support up to 4 x 6 feet (Depending on the Budget & Space you have).

  • Your Habit Buddy will even be there with you along with other 5-10 members who are creating their Vision Board on a Video Call so that it can be a group thing & all together each one of you can help the other person to get the best out of their board.

  • We share a step by step checklist to help you create the most effective Vision Board which is authentic/ related to your goals & visions. (Click Here to Know More) !!

  • Our "STEPLO" App reminds you to view the vision board at the time you set & approve the notification when you went through your vision board as its very important to view regularly as repetition creates the real magic.

  • We share you sample images of vision boards similar to your goals & interests if you are finding it hard to decide the images you want to put.

  • Every time you perform this habit & update it in your "STEPLO App", you get "STEPLO Coins" that you can redeem for other Premium & Helpful Products/ Services like Headspace, Cult Fit, Books, Body Massages & Therapy, Fit Bit, Sleep Tracking Ring & more that will help to make your habits & life better.

  • There is a Weekly Leaderboard which has all your "Habit Partners" like friends, family & others who are member of "My Habit Buddy". Every week's leader gets an exclusive reward to celebrate their effort, boost self-confidence & inspire their partners

Some Helpful Tips on Visualization :

  • You may have a general vision of what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to become a successful entrepreneur, build wealth, or go back to school.

  • When your goals are not clear or definite, you’ll have a difficult time making them happen. Getting a clear picture of your goals will illuminate the path forward. 

  • Research shows that imagining goals in detail enhances motivation, which leads to taking action. When you visualize your dreams, they feel more attainable. This increases your likelihood to work toward your dreams. 

  • During visualization, you activate the same area of the brain as performing the task. So when you actually set out to do something, like a job interview or crossing the finish line, you perform better as though you had already accomplished it.

  • Close your eyes and imagine exactly what the life you want looks like. Get specific. Take a piece of paper and write down the details of your dreams. This will give you a better idea of what you want to work towards. Create a vision board to remind you daily of your big goals.

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