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Habit No. 10 - Enjoy Uncountable Benefits of Meditation in Life !!

Habit No. 10 - Enjoy Uncountable Benefits of Meditation in Life !!

Many people, who achieve success in life, have discovered uncountable benefits of meditationThey are used to meditate every day because it improves their memory, along with offering many other benefits associated with it.

This One Habit of Meditating Daily has the Power of Making all the other 11 habits on "My Habit Buddy" list much more doable, easy & fun.

How this Small Habit Can Change Your Life : 

  • Boosts Your Mental Health :
    Meditation has many physical and mental benefits like it removes stress, controls anxiety, boosts self-awareness, etc. 

  • Most Effective Relaxation Habit :
    It’s interesting to note that relaxing – by meditating or simply avoiding distractions – is another of the most-often mentioned habits of successful people.

    Of course, relaxation comes more easily to those who are organized, so perhaps for some, it is more of a natural byproduct than a conscious decision.

    It may also be that the act of “taking a breath” is the successful person’s way of preparing for the effort yet to come. In fact, one of the first steps toward achieving a meditative or relaxed state is to concentrate on your own breathing for three to five minutes. 

  • Develops Focused Thinking :
    Many of the self-made millionaires Corley interviewed said they make time to process everything that’s going on in their lives.

    “The rich tend to think in isolation, in the mornings,” he writes “and for at least 15 minutes every day.”

    Often they’ll reflect on their career, their health and their personal relationships. Having quiet time to analyze your thoughts is associated with stress reduction.

    In fact, taking two minutes at work to focus on nothing but your breathe will help you relax, a Harvard-trained doctor tells CNBC.

  • Start your day with meditation :
    "I've been meditating for a few years now, first thing after waking up each morning. It's made a huge difference to me and to the people around me. Focusing on your breathing, just for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning gets you into a mindset where you're better able to step back from the thoughts and emotions that might cloud your thinking.

    Through mindfulness, you are able to approach situations with much more clarity to better focus on what's really important and prioritize your time accordingly, both professionally and personally."

  • Focus on Today to Be Happy :
    Even though a wandering mind is an unhappy mind, research shows that 47 percent of the time people are thinking about something else other than what they are working on. But what has meditation got to do with focus? It is proven that long-term meditators can bring their focus back much more easily than non-meditators. 

    I did a ten-day Vipassana Meditation course last year, and I came out completely cleanse and calm. While I struggle to find a whole hour to meditate, I sit for 2-5 minutes of meditation every now and then to keep the practice going.

    Give yourself two minutes of quietness. Don’t think about anything. Meditate. Focus on your breathe. Oh, meditation doesn’t mean that you are not thinking about anything else. Meditation means that you try not to think about anything else and bring your focus back to your breath every time your attention goes away. Focus – wander – focus – repeat. (Takes 2-5 minutes)

    You might not feel right now but a few minutes of meditation every day would help you become more mindful.

    I recommend mindful meditation early in the morning. This practice helps you to place yourself in the present moment. Consequently, it enables you to be mindful of challenging situations during the day.

    Different stressors may trigger as you go through the day; meditation helps you to remain calm before taking on the challenges.

    Personally, it helps me to devise strategies and think creatively. Meditation is a good habit to have if you want to be connected to what’s significant in your life.

  • A Moment of Mindfulness :
    This is best done in the morning but after the shower (so you’re slightly more awake). Take 5 or 10 minutes and just sit in silence. Listen to where you are. This helps you understand if you’re starting your day in a good place, or if you woke up frustrated, or if something is stressing you out, or if there’s something you’re really excited about—and from there, you will better understand yourself and how you can best approach the day to work with yourself as you currently are. This is so important.  

    How Your Habit Buddy Will Help You Build this Habit ??

    • Your Personal "Habit Buddy is a Certified Habit Coach" & Learns More Daily to be 1% better every day to help you more effectively. They apply all the "Behaviour Change & Habit Formation Laws" to make it easy for you to build good habits & remove the bad ones.

    • Your "STEPLO APP" has multiple options available for Simple & Easy Meditation to start, just put your headphones & it will guide you through. Start with 2 minutes every day, then 5 minutes & so on. Your Habit Buddy will be available for you via Chat & Call.

    • It's Easy to Start a Habit but very hard to keep going daily, this is where the "Habit Tracking Board" included in "My Habit Buddy" plays a big role. It's placed on a dominant wall where you can view it several times a day & works as a reminder to perform the Habit & Mark an "X" after you have performed the habit.
    • Your "STEPLO APP" shares beautiful & inspiring short reminders at the time you set to remind you so that you don't miss on this amazing activity be it for 2 minutes.

    • Every time you perform this habit & update it in your "STEPLO App", you get "STEPLO Coins" that you can redeem for other Premium & Helpful Products/ Services like Headspace, Cult Fit, Books, Body Massages & Therapy, Fit Bit, Sleep Tracking Ring & more that will help to make your habits & life better.

    • There is a Weekly Leaderboard which has all your "Habit Partners" like friends, family & others who are member of "My Habit Buddy". Every week's leader gets an exclusive reward to celebrate their effort, boost self-confidence & inspire their partners.

    Some Helpful Tips for Effective Meditation :

    • Don't Forget to Install (Headspace App - Meditation & Mindfulness for any mind, any mood & any goal). It doesn't matter if you meditate for even 3 Minutes a day, what matters is to START & then gradually improve.

    • Self-inquiry and related styles of meditation can help you “know yourself.” This can be a starting point for making other positive changes along with creative problem-solving skills.

    • Metta, or loving-kindness meditation, is a practice of developing positive feelings, first toward yourself and then toward others. Metta increases positivity, empathy, and compassionate behaviour toward others.

    • A variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control runaway thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality.

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